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Batch File Uploads

Batch file uploading is a quick way to upload multiple files without having to select and upload each one individually. This is done by combining (Zipping) all your files into a compressed Zip archive and uploading it. Creating a Zip archive is easy if you are running Windows XP or higher, or Mac OS X which both have native support for Zip files. Follow the steps below to quickly create a Zip archive and upload it to your account. If you are not running a current version of Windows or Mac OS X, there are many other freeware and commercial Zip archiving utilities available. A great free Zip utility is 7-zip. The following steps describe how to create a Zip archive on Windows XP.

Step 1: Select your files

Drag and select all your files, then right click on them and select Send To, then select Compressed (Zipped) Folder. A new Zip file will appear momentarily that contains all the files you have selected. You can also do this with folders.


Step 2 (Optional): Renaming the archive

All Zip files named either "" or "" will be extracted automatically, otherwise you must check on the "Extract Zip files" checkbox. If you do not do this any Zip file you upload, that is not named "" or "", will be uploaded and stored normally.


Step 3: Uploading the Zip file

If the Zip file is not named either "" or "", you must tell the Uploader to extract the files in it. If you do not do this, the file will be uploaded normally.


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