File Transfer Automation and Integration Platform

Full-Stack Solution: Cloud-based server in 7 worldwide regions plus Desktop, Mobile, and On-Premise apps that work together for high-performance File Transfer.

First Class Integrations: All our apps work seamlessly with FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Azure, Google Cloud, Box, Dropbox, Wasabi, and any on-premise or 3rd party file server. Mix and match integrations using Push, Pull, Sync, and Mount.

Automations: Build complex workflows by mixing and matching easy Automation rules and templates. No coding is necessary, but we optionally support deep integration into your code via our 7 SDKs.

Collaboration and External File Sharing: Share Links and Inboxes make it easy to share files inside and outside your organization. Built in Microsoft Office, Media Previews, Watermarks, and more open up endless workflow possibilities.

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Trusted by over 6,000 businesses, including dozens of the World's Largest Companies
Mount & Sync Any Cloud or Server

Integrate with Any Cloud (even your Customers' or Vendors'), including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Box, Dropbox, Amazon, Wasabi, Backblaze, Rackspace, and more. can be configured to “Push” files to the remote, “Pull” files from the remote, or mount the remote for live direct access.

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Connect With Any App supports standard file transfer protocols, including FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV. Plus, our SDKs for Java, .NET, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python, and Go and our REST API allow easy integration with custom applications. This means you can use nearly any app to access, and from there, work directly with any File in your business, even if the files are on another Cloud.

Fast File Transfers

We regularly beat the competition on speed tests because we massively overprovision our network. With over 100Gbit capacity, delivers the speed you need.

Support For Huge Files (Up to 5TB) is a top choice for media and video professionals due to our support for files up to 5TB in size. Our competitors don't even come close to supporting files this big!

Inbound File Inboxes and File Requests

Imagine the simplicity of providing a hyperlink in an email or on your organization’s website for anyone needing to upload invoices, legal documents, bug reports, log files, and more.

Securely Send File Links via E-Mail

On, you can simply select the files or folders you wish to share, and click “New Share”, and will generate a unique secure link to share with the recipient.

Microsoft Office Built In is an Office Cloud Storage Partner, allowing you to use Mircosoft Office apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint directly from the website. Features include pixel-perfect previews and real-time collaborative editing.

Desktop and Mobile Apps

Our desktop app for Windows and macOS, and our mobile apps for iOS and Android give you full access to your Files and Workflows on the go.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Built-in integrations with Yubikey, FIDO/U2F, Google Authenticator, Duo, Authy, and SMS.

Encryption Is Standard offers Encryption-at-rest and support for optional customer-managed GPG keys.

Configure Your Controls

Highly configurable security settings include password policies, session policies, 2FA policies, and brute force rules.

Enterprise Identity (SSO) Integrations

Provision, authenticate, and authorize users via LDAP, Active Directory, Azure, ADFS, Okta, OneLogin, Auth0, and many other identity providers.

Achieve compliance goals and eliminate all manual work by using your existing User and Group records for all permissions on

Enterprise Identity Management features even work with our Desktop app, unlike competing products.

Data Retention Management

Set custom data retention windows for each user, group, or folder Content type policy enforcement.

Data Locality

Choose from 7 Global storage zones on a per-folder basis: USA, UK, Canada, EU (Germany), EU (France), Singapore, or Japan.

Management Delegation

Assign read, write, delete, and administration permissions on a per-folder, per-user, or per-group basis, allowing for an unlimited number of permission scenarios.

Audit Trails and Non-Repudiation maintains a comprehensive audit log of who, what, when, where and how your files are modified.

This audit trail can serve as proof of delivery or proof of receipt to/from your trading partners.

Detailed query API allows forensic capabilities.


Secure & Compliant has completed a SOC 2 audit, offers BAAs for HIPAA clients, and offers DPAs for European (GDPR) clientst.

Flexible compliance controls allow you to customize to your organization's exact needs, such as setting up custom data retention and regional storage configurations.

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Microsoft .Net
Mount or Sync Other Servers and Clouds

Link your own third-party accounts or the cloud accounts of customers, vendors, or partners. Maintain your own permanent copy of anything you send to others.

API and SDKs

We understand the value of a well-documented API that is both powerful and intuitive. So we worked hard at building ours to be the API that we would want to use.

No-Code Automations

We know that not all customers have programming resources. Automations is our no-code solution for platform automation without having to write any code.

Don’t do it alone. Ask our technical experts at the Customer Success Team

Our Customer Success Engineers are coders too, and are eager to help with code examples in your language of choice, implementation suggestions, and best practices.

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Trusted by over 6,000 businesses, including dozens of the World's Largest Companies

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