for Engineering Departments 🖤 Developers & Engineers

Any successful organization knows that its engineering department needs to be a well-oiled machine operating at a fast clip.’s speed and flexibility makes it a perfect fit for even the most demanding engineers:

All about speed

With a world-class interface and infrastructure, our architecture allows you to max your bandwidth for uploads and downloads. Pair that with support for files up to 5TB large, and your engineering department has a perfect solution for cloud-based backups.

Connect how you want

We get it: a speedy React-based UI is great for some people, but other organizations have complex requirements for different connection methods. That’s why we support desktop syncing, SSO, FTP & SFTP, WebDAV, and even emulating a windows or linux file server.

Support at your fingertips

Beyond the above, our Customer Success team is at your fingertips no matter your self-service plan. Our support staff are coders too, and are eager to help with code examples in your language of choice, as well as provide implementation suggestions and best practices. Whether it’s configuring a webhook or writing a script powered by our API, we’re here to help.