for HR Departments

Comprehensive logging and end-to-end encryption make ideal for HR

HR departments are known for the large body of data they need to protect and manage at every stage of an organization’s growth. That’s why was built from the ground-up as the most versatile, feature-rich content management platform:

Treat sensitive information sensitively

Disclosures and tax forms are just a few of the complex pieces of data that Human Resources staff need to interact with daily. Using as a secure drop box is fully supported, so you can have employees send sensitive information without needing to log in to the system. After it’s sent, you can ensure that only the right parties can see and act on it.

Worldwide regional support

For especially large organizations, our regional support is bar none. On a per-folder basis, you can have your data stored in the region/jurisdiction that you feel is most appropriate for your business. If you have employees in Germany or Australia, you can store all their information in that specific region.

Retention, logging and backups

Even though digital data doesn’t leave a paper trail, understands that organizations need to maintain retention and backup systems, especially in the era of GDPR. Our redundancy and backup policy, paired with our history logging for every file action, ensures that every organization has what they need for any potential audits or complications.