for Legal Departments ensures sensitive documents are protected in the cloud

We at understand that every organization needs to be as rigorous and detail-oriented as they possibly can be, and that responsibility often falls on legal departments. Rest assured, can meet the most complex needs of your organization:

Stay secure with high-grade encryption and privacy settings

With the complex compliance and privacy requirements for legal work, you can rest assured that your files are safe on Our GDPR and HIPAA compliance options allow you to store protected health information, while our comprehensive approach to encryption ensures that no plain text is transmitted at any point when interacting with your site. Hackers, be gone!

Collaborate with other departments

Share documents between departments and clients and manage your cases and transactions quickly and efficiently with’s lightning-fast upload speeds. Send a link that can optionally expire, and allow others to upload files without creating an account first. makes the process of sharing files fast, easy, and intuitive.

Support for your audit programs

Whether it’s SOC 1 or ISO 27001, we’re familiar with handling any nature of attestation request, and even have a specialized team within our Customer Success team to help Enterprise-level customers with audits.