for Marketing Departments

A one-stop brand asset management platform

Marketing departments routinely work with a large body of work that demands both organization and pristine presentation. At, we heavily value design and feel that our cloud platform is the perfect solution for your department. Here’s how:

Organize your brand assets, and share them with your whole team

After uploading your documents, you can use’s highly visual interface to categorize, sort, and preview your content. A grid mode allows you to preview visual files, while a tagging system can function as an approval process. And with’s granular permissioning, you can ensure that staff has the correct access at any given moment.

Customize your account so that every file shared is a touch point for your brand

We’ve designed to be as tweakable as possible—what better way to do this than to make sure the interface meshes with your oganization’s brand? Every plan has the ability to customize everything from logo, to colors, to domain.

Protect your most precious files with best in class security and permissions takes security extremely seriously, as evidenced by our continuous security auditing and our end-to-end encryption. You can rest assured that any content you put on is as secure as it can be.