for Sales Departments

Leverage world-class features for customer and prospect management

We’ve designed to meet the complex and fast-paced demands of sales departments. From blazing-fast transfer speeds to inuitive and extensive ways to interact with your files, we’ve picked out some of the features that make the ideal file management solution for anybody in sales:

Distribute sales materials based on where a prospect is in their cycle

With extensive outbound sharing capabilities, allows you to control how, when and what content your prospects can see. You can choose to create users with restricted permissions on specific folders, create public share links with optional passwords, or even use Web Hosting Mode to share a folder with its own dedicated URL.

All these are automatically updated when new content is placed in relevant folders, so you can be sure that your prospects are getting the most up-to-date information.

Integrate with your CRM for a complete sales management solution

With configurable webhooks, a REST API, and Zapier integration, you can make a part of your existing sales workflow.

We love and value automation at, and our Customer Success Engineers are eager to help with brainstorming automations, providing implementation suggestions, and discussing best practices that we have learned with helping hundreds of other global enterprise customers get the most benefit from their account.

Receive signed contracts in a shared repository and close deals

Requesting files from others is a simple process in thanks to its Inbox functionality, which allows you to customize any given folder so clients can upload contents directly into it, complete with custom instructional text and privacy controls.

Pair this with an email notification for activity in any given folder, and you have a robust system for monitoring all prospect activity.