Smart Cloud Storage that Just Works

  • Beautiful web, mobile web, and desktop apps, with your custom branding everywhere.

  • Connect via all standard protocols including FTP, SFTP, FTPS, FTPES, WebDAV, Zapier, Microsoft Flow, our REST API, and SDKs available in many languages.

  • Online streaming and offline sync for desktops (Mac and Windows).

  • Supports giant files of up to 5TB in size (each) and supports hundreds of concurrent connections making a prime choice for video professionals. Our competitors don't even come close to supporting files this big!

  • Speed! We regularly beat the competition on speed tests because we massively overprovision our network.

Files From Everywhere, All In One Place

  • Link and sync to other cloud providers like OneDrive, Google, Box, Dropbox, Amazon, Rackspace, and others.

  • Or, link and sync with your on-premise or off-premise server via FTP, FTPS, or SFTP.

  • Use’s advanced Collaboration, Automation, and Compliance features without having to move your data from other clouds.

  • Or, use to interface with servers of your customers, vendors, or partners.


  • Custom Inboxes allow anyone to securely send your company files even without an account.

  • Share Links allow your company to share files outbound to anyone without them having account and support expiration dates, notes, descriptions, and individual passwords for security.

  • Get notified or automatically take action when files are added, copied, renamed, deleted, and more.

  • Granular Workflow configuration by user, group, and through third-party integrations.

Automation & Integrations

  • Trigger cloud-based workflows (such as Amazon Lambda, etc.) via Amazon SNS, webhooks, Zapier, and Microsoft Flow.

  • Integrates with 1000’s of other services such as Slack, Basecamp, E-mail, and more via Microsoft Flow and Zapier.

  • REST API and SDKs for many popular programming languages. All features (including 2FA and SSO) are supported in the API.

  • Custom integrations and Automation assistance available – our Customer Success team is here to help you achieve your automation needs.

7 Global Storage Zones for Complete Control of Data Residency

  • Choose from 7 Global storage zones on a per-folder basis: USA, UK, Canada, EU (Germany), EU (France), Singapore, or Japan.

  • Want to move a file across the world from Europe to Japan? Just drag it from one folder to another. We do the long haul transfer behind the scenes, without using any of your network bandwidth.

  • Supports GDPR and other data locality initiatives.

  • Non-USA companies can choose a single Zone for the best speed.

Enterprise Identity Management & S.S.O.

  • Provision, authenticate, and authorize users via LDAP, Active Directory, Azure, ADFS, Okta, OneLogin, Auth0, and many other identity providers.

  • Achieve compliance goals and eliminate all manual work by using your existing User and Group records for all permissions on

  • Enterprise Identity Management features even work with our Desktop app, unlike competing products.

Management Delegation and Group Administration

  • Assign read, write, delete, and administration permissions on a per-folder, per-user, or per-group basis, allowing for an unlimited number of permission scenarios.

  • Hierarchical user management lets you define sub-admins who can add users.

  • Flexible approach to site organization allows many different types of Group use cases.


  • Perfect “A+” scores on Qualys SSL grader and

  • Robust internal security controls, including background checks for employees, penetration testing, SDLC, change management, and risk management.

  • Support for Enterprise identity management (SSO).

  • Wide variety of 2FA support: Yubikey, FIDO/U2F,Google Authenticator, Duo, Authy, and SMS.

  • Encryption-at-rest and support for optional customer-managed GPG keys.

  • Strong encryption in transit with a free custom SSL certificate for your custom domain.


  • Highly configurable security settings including password policies, session policies, 2FA policies, and brute force rules.

  • Flexible data retention management with custom data retention windows for each user, group, or folder Content type policy enforcement.

  • Live searchable logs of all operations. Logs are retained in live searchable format for up to 7 years (and can optionally be retained in text format forever).

  • HIPAA compliant and happy to sign a BAA for our HIPAA-regulated customers on our Enterprise Plan.

  • GDPR compliant and happy to sign a standard DPA as required by EU law.

  • SOC 2 engagement in progress, ISO 27001 to follow.

Ready to Get Smart with Smart Cloud Storage from

Our 30-day free trial comes with every feature of and includes unlimited users for the duration of your trial run. You’ll also get unlimited access to our Customer Success team, who will be your sherpas, guiding and supporting you every step of the way. We love helping companies set up workflows and automations while staying ahead of any compliance requirements.