Integrate 100s of Other Systems Via Zapier

We know that we're just one of many (many) vendors that your business uses in the cloud.

We believe that's usefulness is directly proportionate to the number of systems it can integrate with. We're working hard on building direct integrations to the most popular platforms (such as other cloud storage providers, and chat providers such as Slack), we've also teamed up with Zapier to integrate to 100s of other services using their platform.

Can you really integrate with my workflow?

Zapier describes their service as "Easy automation for busy people. Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work." This powerhouse can integrate your account with 1500+ applications, many of which you already extensively use today. Why go through the pain of replatforming or worse, manually moving files and data between systems, when you can simply automate with a few clicks of the mouse.

No matter if you need to integrate with your scheduling apps, to do list manager, presentation software, spreadsheets, time tracking applications, eCommerce apps, and more… Zapier has you covered! It doesn't stop there. The Zapier team is consistently reaching out to new integration partners and expanding applications, triggers and actions."

Automated workflows can go both ways

We can see the wheels spinning in your head imagining all the great applications that you can send your data to, but don't forget that an integration can go both ways.

Do you have files generated that need stored and distributed, set up a Zap and send them over to your account. Need users created based on data entered in another system? No problem!

You can see the multitude of software, services and ideas by visiting Zapier today.

Start automating today

We've sold you on why you need Zapier and the near limitless automations that you can create, now look at some of the ways our current customers are combining and Zapier.

  • Automatically upload all new gmail attachments to your account
  • Store a backup copy of your files on an external server
  • Upload new files in your Dropbox to your storage
  • Create new users from a Wufoo survey form
  • and so much more.

This is just the beginning. Have an idea of something you would like to automate? Contact our customer success team and we will assist in directing you to the perfect Zap configuration.

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