Outbound File Sharing and Public Hosted Folders

Every organization needs the ability to easily send files to someone who is not a member of that organization (and wouldn't have their own user account on Files.com).

Files.com makes outbound file sharing really easy, for both the sender and the recipient.

On Files.com, you can simply select the files or folders you wish to share, and click "New Share", and Files.com will generate a unique secure link that functions as a bearer key.

Only those who possess the precise link can access the files, and you can set links to expire after a certain number of days, or you can manually revoke them at any time.

Once you have the link generated, you can send it via email, chat, or any other method.

When the recipient clicks on the link, they'll see your branded Files.com site and an easy ability to download the files or folders individually or as one large .zip file.

If you'd prefer they not see a page at all, but rather are taken straight to the file, read the section below about web hosting mode.

No sharing limits

Some platforms place limits on how you can share files. Some can only share individual files while others can only share entire folders.

Whether a single file or 1,000 (or more) files from multiple directories, a Files.com share will fit your needs.

Want to share the same file with multiple people using individual share links? Yep, we can do that too!

Built in web hosting for sharing individual files or entire web sites via a normal HTTPS URL

In addition to our Share Links that lead to a nice download page, you can also enable our Public Hosted Folders mode, which creates direct HTTPS links to the files themselves. This can be toggled on and off on a per-folder basis, so you will only share files you intend to be shared.

In addition to sharing individual files, you can also host entire static websites (including Javascript and CSS files) with this feature.

This capability is similar to Amazon S3's static website hosting feature.

A static website refers to a website containing individual webpages with static content, possibly also with client-side scripts. Dynamic websites that rely on server-side processing, such as PHP, JSP, or ASP.NET cannot be automatically hosted by Files.com. However, our customer success team can help you integrate your Files.com account with other providers who do support such hosting.

Security controls around sharing

Site administrators have complete control over sharing permissions for both site-wide and individual user levels.

You can limit which users and/or groups have access to share files at all.

Additionally, site administrators can set site-wide limits on the maximum duration for which a share link will be valid.

Similar to other file interactions, Files.com records all activity around share links and saves it in activity and user history logs. Your data is too important to have anything less than 100% transparency and accountability.

We will soon be adding additional security controls to this feature, such as single-use links, IP restrictions, document watermarking, and more.

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