Retention and Backups

In today’s modern business climate and the era of GDPR, it is critical for companies to balance the competing needs of data backup and redundancy with thoughtful application of retention policies that minimize the risks that come with storing too much data for too long.

Durable and secure file storage

Every business has different regulatory and client-dictated compliance standards for all aspects of data storage. realizes this complexity and allows you to dictate where, how, and for how long your files are stored.

We store all files in the Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service. This provides you with a highly durable storage infrastructure from a trusted provider. By default, all objects are stored on multiple devices across multiple facilities in an Amazon S3 Region, providing you the comfort of knowing your data is safe from catastrophic losses. offers the ability for you to locate your storage in specific geographic regions.

Customizable region settings are built directly into the platform on a per-folder basis, allowing you to easily comply with requests for data localization.

Flexible file expirations make custom retention policies easy

The platform allows site administrators to set their own file time-to-live settings on both a global default and per-folder basis.

Do you have a client that requires their files removed within 7 days after upload as opposed to the rest of your clients who require you to keep their files until manually deleted?

No problem, set your global setting to have files never expire and then navigate to the specific client folder to set a File Expiration override and you will have a bulletproof failsafe that meets your compliance requirements.

Retaining your deleted files

We realize that mistakes happen and files can be accidently deleted by user error. These missing files can have a cataclysmic impact on your business. To protect against this, allows site administrators to dictate a master backup retention policy that meets your business needs.

We allow you to choose anything from immediate removal of files in all cases to always retaining a backup of every deleted file for 30, 60, 90, or even 365 days.

Please note that all deleted files being retained for backup purposes are counted against your monthly usage quotas and associated storage values are reported within the Usage tab in your web interface.

Recovering deleted files

Have a file or folder that has been accidentally deleted and needs restored? No problem. As long as the file remains within your retained deleted files window, our Customer Success team is able to assist with the restore.

It is as simple as submitting a support ticket and letting our team know the path of deleted files, the approximate deletion date, and where you would like them restored. Once processed, your files will be restored and show in your active files within a matter of minutes.

Want to learn more about how protects your data and keeps you in compliance? Contact our Customer Success team today.

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