Single Sign On via LDAP, Active Directory, Google, or Oauth

As an organization grows, both in headcount and in the number of on-premise and cloud services they utilize, the need for providing employees with a single identity to securely access those services becomes essential.

At, we know that whether you're a fast-growing startup, or an established enterprise with thousands of employees across the globe, you'll appreciate the security benefits and streamlined user experience that Single-Sign-On (SSO) provides for your users.

That's why we give customers flexible Single-Sign-On options via LDAP, OAuth, and SAML, with support for popular SSO providers including:

Flexible user and group provisioning via LDAP

We don’t stop there. gives you the ability to merge in your users and groups from existing systems over secure LDAP, while maintaining group memberships and enabling user access via all of the interfaces and protocols that offers.

You have full, individual control over both user and group syncing, with options for adding users and/or groups only, or additionally deleting users and groups when they are removed from your authoritative server.

And we provide even more flexibility with group inclusion/exclusion rules featuring wildcard support, simplifying sync controls for enterprises managing a large number of groups. With our automated hourly syncs, your user directory is always up to date.

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