Workflows and Automation

When you wake up in the morning with that brilliant solution fully baked and looking like process perfection, of course you want to tell everybody about it. But what if you could just build it?

What if you could encode that genius into a platform that would just run it for you?

We want that for you too

We’ve been helping customers automate basic as well as highly complex processes for years, mostly using our REST API and Zapier. And, yes, the API allows access to absolutely everything the platform can do, which allows you to build any workflow for file logistics that you can dream up.

While we love to help customers automate their systems using our programming tools for developers, that can get pretty technical at times, and often requires our customers to have their own scripting and programming resources.

We want to make it easier and faster for you to set your great ideas into motion and put them to work, so we are introducing Workflows, our platform automation and configuration feature set.

A growing suite of automation tools

Workflows won’t do everything for you yet, but our goal is to grow the tool suite, regularly adding the most useful options and behaviors.

Let’s say you have a process that onboards new users and creates a folder for them automatically. Then let’s say they have a list of files that you need from them, maybe something for registration purposes, background information, or maybe they need to submit their amazing proposals and grant ideas for your awesome contest or project.

You want them to know exactly which files to upload and what to name them. Then, when their list is complete, you need their uploads copied in triplicate to three of your review staff, then re-named, dated, and moved along to the judges, all automatically and based on rules. You get the picture.

We could go on...

...Okay, we will.

Let’s say on a quarterly basis your third party contest auditor needs access to part of your folder tree, but only when certain conditions are met, like the prior steps in a process have been completed and all the required files are accounted for.

You want a secure access tunnel to automatically form from your auditor’s site to a pre-configured location in your site, but only as long as required to complete the audit and only while rules and conditions are met. Then you want it to automatically remove itself.

That sounds like great fun to design and build! (Okay, maybe more fun for us than for you.) We want you to be able to enter the steps, configure the rules, and hit “Go”, no coding required.

An Eye on the Future

You can have a lot of fun with automation, but what we like best about it is: you can get a lot of work done, securely and accurately.

We’re building the Workflows suite of automation tools, because we harbor no illusions about how challenging it is, and will be in the future, for our customers to compete in their markets, whether local, regional or global. We know better than anyone how important your files are and how crucial accuracy and security are, even more so as your scope and volume grow.

Our goal is to make these things easier for you and help you get more done.

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