For Accounting

Accountants and CPA firms trust to keep both internal and external client files protected using the highest security standards possible. keeps sensitive financial records secure and easy to access by authorized individuals anywhere at anytime. Firms choose to create custom-branded client portals, to quickly upload documents and tax returns, and to streamline their workflows so no time is wasted during busy seasons.

Features that make the ideal solution for accounting include:

  • 1 Powerful group management

    Bridge the gap between departments by allowing the entire firm to upload and access files on one secure platform. Unlimited users and teams help increase client collaboration and cohesion within the organization.

  • 2 White-label branding

    Fully customize and brand your file-sharing platform to build trust and consistency with clients. Your personalized colors, domain and logos and allow you to have complete control over your firm’s image. All traces of branding will be removed, so your client portal reflects your business’ mission and goals.

  • 3 One-click collaboration

    Easily share documents between departments and clients without tedious, extraneous steps. Send a link that can optionally expire and allow others to upload files without creating an account first. makes the process of sharing files quick, easy, and intuitive.

  • 4 Flexible permission control

    Gain control of who has access to private client files with a wide range of permission scenarios. Delegate specific read, write, and delete permissions on a per-user, per-group, or per-folder basis to maximize the security of your stored documents.

  • 5 Large file support

    Need to receive or send PDFs, check images, scanned identification cards or receipts that were saved as a large file size? With’s fast speeds and support of file uploads up to 5TB, you won’t run into the common “attachment is too large to send” problem other firms face when attempting to email documents between clients and departments.

  • 6 The best security

    At, we take security extremely seriously, which is why we we make protection of your sensitive business assets our No. 1 priority. Your files will be encrypted at rest and in transit, and we offer comprehensive logging so you can see who is adding, removing and accessing any stored document. Our file-sharing platform is also compliant with regulations, including HIPAA and GDPR.

Integration features and options +’s Zapier integration allows accountants to streamline their files with more than 750 different office applications, including G Suite, Excel and QuickBooks. + You!

All Enterprise plans include 10 hours of custom integration work, so’s engineers can help ensure the platform drops right into your existing environment. + Security

Automatic encryption ensures that sensitive client files will be protected in the cloud while allowing accountants to streamline their business assets all in one place.

No limit

The number of users you can have on your account — no more counting seats.


The maximum size of any single file a user can upload from any interface using


The number of hours of custom development work included with your Enterprise account.