For Real Estate

Empower your realtors to conduct business anywhere at anytime with’s secure, cloud-based document storage solution.

Today’s real estate companies are widely embracing digital, paperless solutions for conducting business with buyers and sellers. offers a modern and intuitive platform for uploading, organizing, and sending paperwork related to the sale and purchase of property from any location.

Features that make the ideal solution for real estate include:

  • 1 Custom client portal

    Create online document-sharing portals customized to reflect your real estate company’s unique branding. Enter a custom domain, add your logos, and choose the color scheme that is consistent with your company’s style. Client portals with all traces of removed help build trust with those you conduct business with.

  • 2 Large file support

    With lightning-fast upload speeds and support of files up to 5TB in size, all realtors working for your organization can quickly add and share high-resolution property photos, scanned contracts, financials, applications, process forms, and client contact information without delays or limitations.

  • 3 Fast and reliable sharing

    Documents uploaded to your cloud-based portal can be shared to authorized individuals with a single link. Photo and video previews are available, so clients can view media files without the need to download. allows all real estate documents to be securely stored in one place, so no more digging through emails or text messages to find important attachments.

  • 4 Flexible permission control gives users access to the files they need — and nothing more. Read, write, and delete permissions can be delegated on a per-folder, per-group, or even per-user basis, tightening your real estate office’s security measures and allowing for increased customization of your site.

  • 5 Strong security measures

    Eliminate potential security risks with’s in-transit and at-rest encryption. Administrators can require users to change their password on their next login, and comprehensive logging is available so you can see every action a user is taking on a specific document or folder.

  • 6 Regulatory compliance’s service is designed to be compatible with federal regulations regarding the storage of customer data. Learn more about’s GDPR policy.

Integration features and options +’s Zapier integration allows real estate companies to automatically upload Gmail attachments and Dropbox files from clients into their custom site. This keeps all documents securely stored in one central location. + You!

All Enterprise plans include 10 hours of custom integration work, priority support, early access to new features, and an account manager dedicated to your team. + The Cloud

Storing documents and attachments in the cloud allows your employees and clients to quickly access real estate forms and files from any location.’s desktop sync app makes it easy to manage and edit files locally and automatically sync them to your specific online portals.

No limit

Unlike competing services, offers unlimited users and teams for all plans. No more seat counting or sharing account login details. All members of your organization, plus clients and outside stakeholders, can create an account to access specific files you have stored based on their delegated levels of permission.


The number of days in your FREE trial with Trial includes access to all Enterprise and Small Business plan features so you can determine which package best suits your real estate business’ needs.


The number of hours of custom development work included with your Enterprise account.