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Now Hiring: Data-Driven Direct Marketer For, a B2B Cloud Storage Service

Location: Work From Your Home for our All-Remote Company (USA only)

Are you an expert at Adwords, Facebook, and other self-serve paid traffic buying platforms? Do you have experience writing headlines, ad copy, landing pages, and funnels? Do you understand technology and know how to think like our customers who are software developers?

If so, we’d like you to learn about!

Our growth has been highly driven by direct marketing and we are looking for someone to help us scale direct marketing at

You will develop and manage ads, funnels, follow-up sequences, webinar systems, and other mechanisms for scaling the traffic growth and conversion optimization for our product.

You will have access to a hefty traffic budget (we are happy and able to spend $250k-500k/month if we can spend it profitably).

Read on to learn more!

About is a cloud storage and file logistics service with over 1,500 paying business customers, including Target, Canonical, UPS, Leica, DirecTV, GoPro, Marriott, and more.

Our company consists of USA-based remote employees who work from home.

We’re Bootstrapped, Profitable, and Growing

Our success comes from building a great service that solves problems for our customers, and our growth comes from expanding and improving our products as quickly as we can.

We believe that great products can only be built by great people. So we’re on a quest to find the smartest, most creative, and most motivated people, and create an environment in which they thrive.

We Are A Remote Company

You will work from home and have some flexibility to choose your working hours, allowing you to make time for family, recreation, vacations, or anything that is important to you.

You’ll take off 11 company-wide holidays per year as well as 20 days of PTO for vacations. You’ll have the time to take longer vacations and have fun.

As our employees’ safety is a top priority, and we want to ensure we do not further spread COVID-19, we have paused all company travel. Once it is safe to resume travelling, you’ll travel to in-person meetings with your team and the entire company to meet and work together face to face. These meetings are in cities around the US, including Austin, Orlando, New Orleans, San Diego, Las Vegas, and New York City.

We think that these in-person meetings are vital to the success of a remote team.

About The Role

In your role on our Marketing team, this is the sort of work you will perform:

  • Managing our Facebook and Google Ads accounts.

  • Working with our technical content writers to determine a keyword strategy for producing technical content that is relevant to our audience.

  • Writing copy for funnels, webinars, and email followup sequences.

  • Using Excel and other tools to model things like customer lifetime value, retention, cohort analysis, etc.

  • Using Google Analytics (at a very high level) to really understand how traffic flows through our web properties and suggesting optimizations.

  • Planning and conducting split tests and conversion optimization programs.

  • Supporting our Sales team’s efforts to develop affiliate and reseller programs by using direct marketing techniques to recruit affiliates and resellers.

Additionally, you may be able to grow into a larger role on the team over time.

This position is considered critically important at and reports directly to our CEO.

Our Marketing Stack:

We currently use the following tools in our Marketing Stack, but you’ll be able to augment or change this tool set over time:

  • Google Analytics
  • Hotjar
  • Freshsales
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • SEMrush

Minimum Qualifications:

We’re looking for people who match these qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or relevant experience.

  • Personally managed at least $1 million of online advertising spend via networks such as Adwords and Facebook.

  • Personally written the headlines and body for ads, landing pages, and funnels.

  • Experience marketing for a mass-market business-to-business recurring subscription product.

  • Data-driven mindset, understanding of statistics and statistical significance, and ability to build and understand Excel models.

  • Belief in the power of direct marketing and a general preference for direct marketing over brand marketing and things like trade shows for a product such as

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Previous work experience with a hosting, cloud, or SaaS business

  • Experience arranging and promoting live sales webinars

  • Experience running traffic with the goal of recruiting affiliates or resellers

  • Experience working on a remote team.

Our Core Beliefs

Here are just some of our Core Beliefs:

We believe that allowing and supporting 100% remote work gives us access to great people we wouldn’t otherwise be able to hire. We tend to hire folks who are later in their careers, which means they usually have their family established somewhere. By offering remote work, we can hire the best people, no matter where they’re located.

We believe that the best way we can acquire top talent is by being an amazing place to work. Work from home, travel with the team, and surround yourself with top tier people at Read about everything we’ve done to make working at great.

We believe in building products that we actually use ourselves. We are our own toughest critics and we put all of our products through their paces every day.

Read The Rest of our Core Beliefs

Salary, Pay, and Benefits offers industry-leading salaries based on experience combined with unparalleled flexibility and other benefits to secure top talent.

You’ll take off 11 company-wide holidays per year as well as 20 days of PTO for vacations. Go have fun. Don’t work all the time.

We will provide you a laptop and a $1,000 signing bonus to purchase a new monitor, desk, or anything else that would help build or refresh your home office.

We’ll update your salary annually based on your performance, as reviewed by your peers.

We fully pay base plan health insurance premiums (exact plan details depend on your state of residence), and we’ll pick up the tab for 75% of your spouse or dependents if they wish to join your chosen plan. We want your family to be healthy.

Ready To Apply?

Working here isn’t for everyone, but if you think it might be for you and you have the required experience, please apply right here on this page.

We’d like you to write a cover letter specific to this position at Please make sure that it contains all of the following:

  • How much spend (in dollars) have you personally managed in online media or PPC spend? Personally managed means that you were the one logging in to Adwords, Facebook, etc. and managing the campaigns yourself.

  • For how much spend (in dollars) out of the above amount did you also write the ad copy and/or create the image or video creative? What about the marketing funnel, follow-up sequences, or webinars?

  • is priced from $249/month to $2,499/month. On the previous B2B products you have worked on, how close to us are they in price point?

  • On a Scale of 1 to 10, how much do you know and understand about the Facebook Ads and Google Ads platforms? A 1 means you’ve never used the platform, and a 10 means you could probably run their customer service department right now if offered.

You may also want to write about why this opportunity calls to you personally and why you see yourself as a good fit for

Please upload your resume in PDF format.

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