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Organizational success depends on hiring the best people and then keeping them. So, we've worked really hard to make an ideal place to work. You can expect the following:

Modern Management Structure, inspired by Holacracy, Google, Zingerman's and Others

“Company with strong values, amazing benefits, and a bright future”

One of my favorite things about working at is that I have autonomy here; I'm trusted to take care of my job without being micromanaged. Even better, everyone contributes and collaborates to make this a well oiled machine...If you work here you'll get an opportunity to work with some of the best and brightest minds in the industry. This has allowed me to grow and expand my own skills. Sales team member

We run using "avOS", a unique modern management, authority, and planning system developed by's Founder. avOS merges the best features of Holacracy, the Management techniques from Google, and more.

As an Employee at, you'll have a list of very specific roles, authority, accountability, and responsibilities, as well as a way for you to evolve and changing those roles and responsibilities in real time.

You'll get to participate in an in-person onboarding process and receive a lot of team support over your first few months.

Top-Tier Talent

We require a unanimous agreement from all team members before making a new hire. You should feel excited about the caliber of people you'll be working with.

Employees enjoying in-person meetings at

Work-Life Balance

Our team members work from home and choose their own hours, allowing them to make time for family, recreation, vacations, or anything that is important to them. Everyone gets 11 company-wide holidays per year and 20 paid time off days intended for vacations. Go have fun. Don't work all the time.

In the time they are working, our team accomplishes a ton for the company. And they typically do everything they can to ensure the hours they work are in line with the company's needs.

“Great for the long haul” has the rare combination of independence and stability. The company is profitable despite not having outside investors, allowing freedom of direction without the fear of going under. Customer Success Team Lead


We offer industry-leading salaries based on experience combined with unparalleled flexibility.

After your first year with, we'll update your salary annually based on your performance, as reviewed by your peers. Over the course of your career at, your salary can grow by 2-3x if you are one of our highest performers.

We also provide a signing bonus of $1,000 and company-issued new computer.


We fully pay base plan health insurance premiums (exact plan details depend on your state of residence), and we'll pick up the tab for 75% of your spouse or family if they wish to join your chosen plan. We want your family to be healthy.

Our benefits are currently provided through TriNet, which represents over 100,000 worksite employees and negotiates with insurance carriers on our behalf to get you the best rates and widest coverage options. If you don't like the specific healthcare plan we cover for your state, you can upgrade or downgrade to a different plan via TriNet's portal. We are currently in negotiations with carriers to bring this relationship direct and we promise that we will make that upcoming transition a smooth one.

We provide a company 401(k) plan with matching and plan to add employee stock options in the future.


In-Person Meetings and Travel

As our employees' safety is a top priority, and we want to ensure we do not further spread COVID-19, we have paused all company travel. When it is safe to resume travelling, we will continue our team meetings all over the country. We try to do these gatherings in cities that are fun to visit. In the last few years, we've been to Austin, Orlando, Minneapolis, San Diego, Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York City, and Chicago.

We're Hiring

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