Discount Program for Startups and Social Enterprise

At, we recognize that startups can have big needs and small budgets. Plus, we’ve been there.

If you are a B2B or social enterprise startup with an innovative approach, we’d like to support you at this critical stage of your growth.

Startups who apply and are accepted get our $999 Enterprise plan for just $99 per month for their first year, and may re-apply again for one additional year. That means you’ll get critical enterprise-level services for your business or organization without breaking the bank.

What Are the Benefits of this Program?

If accepted into our Discount Program, you will receive:

  • An Enterprise level account for $99/month or $1,188/year, which includes:
    • Unlimited users - you shouldn’t have to worry about your costs going up every time you add someone to your team
    • Whitelabeling - building brand recognition in your early years is critical, and now you can show your name and logo every time you send or receive a file
    • Automation and Workflow Features - why waste your limited time and resources on recurring manual tasks like creating folders on a schedule or notifying users when a file is uploaded when you can automate all of that
    • 10 TB in Monthly Usage - you have a lot of files, so we are giving you a huge chunk of space to store and transfer them
  • A dedicated support team of engineers available by phone, email, or chat to help launch your organization
  • A writeup on detailing your story, mission, and how furthered that mission
  • A risk-free cancellation policy: if you are not happy with, you can cancel anytime for any reason, and receive your most recent recurring payment back.

What Do I Need to Qualify?

Our program is geared toward startups that provide innovative B2B or social enterprise solutions, and meet all of the following criteria:

  • Been in existence for less than 4 years
  • Less than $5M in annual revenue
  • Less than $5M in funding
  • Operate a public website on your own domain
  • Headquartered in the USA
  • Operate as a private organization
  • Can provide supporting documentation upon request
  • Not currently a or BrickFTP customer

How Long Does the Application Review Process Take?

We will respond within 10 business days of the submission.

What’s the Fine Print?

Your use of the site and service is governed by our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Your Enterprise Account will all of the benefits of a full price Enterprise Account, except:

  • You may not store protected health information (PHI) as defined under HIPAA and related regulations, and we will not enter into a BAA with startups on this program.

  • We will strive to provide you the same level of care as other enterprise customers, however, you will not be entitled to SLA-based refunds as detailed in the Terms of Service.

While you will have 10 TB in monthly usage, you will still be responsible for any overages. You can review the monthly usage specifics here.

You are giving us an unlimited, unrestricted, royalty-free license to use the name, logo, description, and likeness of you, your business, and your key employees. Plus you will work with us in creating the writeup about your organization and how it uses as part of co-marketing opportunities.

Ready to Apply or Have Additional Questions Not Covered Here?

Just reach out to a sales engineer to get the process started!