Client Portal

A portal your clients will love! makes an excellent client portal for businesses in a variety of industries. The interface enables customers to provide their clients a professional means to securely view, send, or receive files from a centralized portal for any period of time.

Dive in for more of the features your customers need:

Fully custom branding

Your client portal should only be promoting one brand: yours.

At we make it easy to create your own Whitelabeled client portal with custom colors, themes, and easy uploading for logos.

Learn more about custom branding and white-labelling.

Secure and compliant

Using a as your client portal can reduce the complexities surrounding compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and HITECH.

We accomplish part of this by encrypting all data while at rest and in transit. For customers who need a bit extra we also provide support for GPG Encryption.

Easy sharing

Being compliant doesn’t mean that life has to be difficult for your customers. supports huge files up to 5 TB in size, lightning fast parrellel upload support, with interfaces for both Desktop and Mobile OS platforms, and the ability to view and preview images, videos, pdfs and more without having to download them.

Custom client portals

Do your customers need to sign documents, upload notes on a project, upload receipts and contracts or integrate with Quickbooks, keep project emails and attachments in one location, work with digital assets, and more?’s client portal integrates with over 1,500 applications through Zapier to provide endless custom solutions for your customer portal needs.

Hisory and tracking

When you or your customer need to find out who deleted, changed, downloaded, or moved a file our advanced tracking features provide you the ability to show the who, what, where, and when of the situation quickly and easily so you and your customer can get back to business.

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In short… is the ideal choice for your client portal needs. Start a trial today and let us show you how we can help you build a custom client portal.