Cloud Collaboration

A story about you...

The venture formed overnight

No one can remember if it was your team lead who suggested the partnership, or if it was the other team’s lead, but now two teams have become one, and you have an ambitious collaboration to manage.

The question is: how quickly can you get a content collaboration platform set up to kick this thing off while the ideas are fresh and the energy is palpable?

Oh, and this team has never worked together before, and the people are scattered all over the globe using different networks and operating systems. Plus someone has to deal with the fact that many of the files you’ll be working on are highly confidential, and you also need an organized way to in-take media submitted by what is sure to be an enthusiastic public.

Time for some togetherness in the cloud.

Things were set up and solid by lunch the next day

It was nice of your boss to volunteer you to handle all that. Now you’ve got a to-do list.

Fortunately your team already has a account.

Within an hour the next morning, you had a new branch of your folder tree set up for the project, security settings such as password rules added, and user accounts created with the proper permissions.

You gave each team member their own folder and dropped in a readme PDF with the project specs and a short list of conventions for the team to follow to keep things running smoothly.

For instance, you color-coded the top level folders using the bookmark feature for easy wayfinding. You locked the folder structure in one branch of the project so that team members could quickly move their files about using any client or protocol or even the mobile web interface without fear of accidentally renaming or moving a folder and messing up your ingenious schema.

Then within minutes you had three themed, public inboxes created, complete with instruction copy, where the public could upload their media files. When a colleague pointed out that most of the submissions would be coming from Europe with one theme likely to attract more from Australia, you went back to your inbox folders and moments later had two set to the storage region in Frankfurt, Germany, and the other set to Sydney.

Of course you’re dealing with teams within teams, so you defined half a dozen groups and created the group permissions based on the role each group plays in the project. Then you assigned the team members to the groups where they belonged, some with multiple hats.

You checked your user list and activity logs, and yes, everyone had logged in, changed their password, and downloaded their “readme” before it was time for you to go to lunch.

Well done!

Scale the project

As sometimes happens when brilliant ideas hit the streets, your project proved more popular than anticipated, and the submissions were epic. That’s no problem. Your Enterprise plan comes with 10 terabytes of monthly usage, and if you need to punch through that now and then, it’s only an extra ten cents per GB.

For the results you’re getting, you can afford to take on a few more submissions. No interruptions! Keep the team moving!

The challenge comes from processing all the additional files, but you’re up to it. Add team members, assign them to groups, then set up some email notifiers so the right users know when files arrive and don’t create delays in the process.

## Keep it secure

Some of your files contain PII and are subject to Europe’s GDPR compliance regulations, but you were one step ahead. Those files never left the EU, since you turned on the regional storage feature, and you took it a few steps further.

You created special accounts for your users working in those folders and white-listed their IP addresses to ensure that when working with that sensitive data, they could only connect from their EU locations.

Take it on the road

But for your less sensitive files, the task was more about getting through those submissions. For that you love the mobile-friendly interface that lets your team scroll through thumbnails, select multiple files, and batch move them to other folders.

You also like the email notifiers that tell them when they have files to process.

You also appreciate the mobile interface for your administrator tools. You can help your users and add team members while standing on the subway platform or waiting in line for your venti caramel frapp with extra caramel and extra whipped cream.

Bring it home

At the end of the day, you know it’s a great project, you know you’ll get it done, and you know it’s secure. Maybe this venture will continue, or maybe it will run its course, and you’ll be ready for the next one.

Either way, you can adjust, reconfigure, expand your site to fit whatever comes next.

And that awesome team you just collaborated with got their own site now (saw that coming), so you can simply tunnel them together for that new project. (Okay, we’re still planning that feature, but it will be awesome; you should watch for it!)

If you would like to talk about the best ways to collaborate in the cloud, call us. We’re here to help.

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