Cloud FTP/SFTP Server

We might be biased, but we believe that choosing the cloud over an on-premise FTP or SFTP server is a no-brainer. We’ve helped over 100,000 users find their way into the cloud; let us help you next.

Cloud FTP cost vs on-premise FTP cost

The savings experienced from migrating to a hosted solution in a cloud from on premises is probably one of the number one reasons small to enterprise businesses make the leap.

It’s not hard to find a breakdown or comparison online between the two, however the major factors driving cost with on premises solutions include:

Licensing fees

Number of users

Security patches

Required updates

Unexpected downtime

Hardware replacements & failures

Required onsite staff

Environmental safeguards

Managing certifications

With you pay one low monthly fee based on the plan level you select, and all the rest is handled by us!


Most growing companies today lack the required time and knowledge to implement critical security infrastructure like multi-factor authentication or 2FA.

Going with a cloud solution that already offers this type of authentication and security can be a huge win for organizations that might not want to spend their time becoming increasingly familiar with its implementation.

Likewise, physical security is strengthened when moving to a cloud. In a cloud model your data is spread across multiple facilities making it highly unlikely for a single environmental event affecting your data’s availability.


Compliance with certain relevant regulations may require you to have your data in different geographic locations. For businesses relying on physical on-premise hardware, this would be a challenge, whereas the global nature of a cloud-first company like allows easy support for multi-region storage.

You may also face requirements around data encryption. already encrypts your data in transit and at rest, and includes additional layers of encryption that can be included.

Learn more about HIPAA Compliance or GDPR Compliance in the cloud.

Always on

Availability of systems and redundant backups is also a huge no brainer for why somebody would choose the cloud over an on premises solution.

With live monitoring 24/7, access to support engineers, and backups baked right in to the platform, you can take some of the worry out of when or where your data will be available.

With cloud services like your entire staff can connect remotely to the files they need, when they need them.


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When you operate an on premises solution adding space to your server can be a real challenging.

It may require physical assistance, additional hardware to be installed, software to be updated all in a timely manner to reduce the risk of crashing a server.

At, we have the capacity to store literally millions and millions of GB, and the price is always just $0.10 per GB per month if you go over your usage limit. No server crashes and no downtime.

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Our 30-day free trial comes with every feature of and includes unlimited users. You’ll also get unlimited access to our Customer Success team, who will be your sherpas, guiding and supporting you every step of the way. We love helping companies set up workflows and automations while staying ahead of any compliance requirements.