Move FTP Server to the Cloud

According to Forbes, 83% of Enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020. has been used by hundreds of companies to move an in-house or on-premises FTP server to the cloud.

On-premises FTP servers are costly, and involve a lot of time and headache to maintain. They eat up bandwidth, and can be easily hacked without a trace.

Moving to a cloud-based FTP service will give you more security, cutting-edge features, and will save your organization thousands of dollars. It’s no wonder over 1,500 businesses around the world trust with their sensitive data.

Our cloud-based service has the best FTP support around. We support UNIX clients, Windows clients, and a stronger and more granular permissions system than you had before.

Supported FTP clients has guaranteed compatibility with your FTP workloads. We pass all industry tests and we regularly test our platform against all major FTP clients.

A few of the clients we support are:

More ways to connect

In addition to FTP, with a account, you’ll be getting a cloud file server with several connectivity options. You can also connect via SFTP + SSH Keys, WebDAV, our Web Interface, Desktop app, and our the API.


Both FTPS and SFTP offer the ability to transfer files through a secure, encrypted connection. The difference however is that while FTPS uses SSL and is fairly basic, SFTP uses an SSH connection which allows the use of public/private key pairs for authentication instead of passwords.


Many of our users prefer to map their server as a drive, allowing for access like a familiar file system. If this is you, you can connect via WebDAV on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Web Interface

The state-of-the-art Web Interface works in all modern browsers, and allows you to seamlessly send and receive files without having to download any software or additional plugins.

It’s simple enough that even the least technical users will be able to manage it effortlessly, yet powerful enough that it can be configured to meet and exceed your organizations needs.

Also, with custom branding you can tailor the site for a unique user experience that fits your company’s image.

REST API has a robust REST API designed with developers in mind. It’s capable of accomplishing anything our web interface can, and allows for high level integration between and your own applications, website, or database.

You can also use our webhook API to alert you when specific events occur.

It’s never been easier

The idea of moving to the cloud may seem like a daunting task, but our world-class Customer Success team is standing by at the ready and is happy to assist in making your FTP server move to the cloud a breeze.

Our Customer Success team provides migration assistance at all plan levels, starting with Basic Assistance on our Small Business Plan, all the way up to Full Migration Assistance with our Enterprise Plan and above.

Move into the future

Companies around the globe are moving to the cloud. Don’t let your organization fall behind.

Start your Free 30-Day Trial of today, and see for yourself why some of the largest companies in the world choose