Multi-Region Storage and Transfer Under a Single Connection

A truly unique feature.

Your new major client: how would you handle this?

You just took on a new major client and learned that you will now be serving a large population of users and data based in Europe and that you will be subject to GDPR compliance requirements.

You need a full-featured, highly secure file server based in the European Union right now to get the project going. How do you do that?

With, you do it like this:

Step 1

Create a new folder and give it a name.

Step 2

Open the folder settings and select one of our EU regions from the storage options menu.

Step 3

Click Save.

There. You’ve just launched a file server in Europe.

And the best part is… the rest of your site can still be based in the USA… or anywhere!

The true power in’s multi-region file storage and transfer features is that storage locations are set on a per-folder basis.

And regardless of how you use, whether it’s our Desktop app, our web interface, or even via FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV, all your files from every region are easily accessible via the same interface and the same connection.

Behind the scenes, our servers and network do all the heavy lifting to make sure that your files are stored exactly where you want them and you don’t even have to think about it.

Our network is global to make your job simpler

The world is getting smaller, but with the growing number of privacy and data sovereignty laws that you have to navigate, it’s becoming only more complex.

To meet the evolving regulatory needs, you may need the ability to manage and secure data within specific jurisdictions.

We give you strategically located regions to make that simpler for you. We currently offer:

  • USA, Virginia
  • Australia, Sydney
  • Canada, Toronto
  • EU - UK, London
  • EU - Germany, Frankfurt
  • Japan, Tokyo
  • Singapore

… all at the click of a button.

Multi-region pricing and plans

On any of our plans, you can set your entire site, at the root level, to store all of your files in any of our regions.

On our Enterprise plans, you can have more than one region active at the same time, and you can set your region choice on any folder.

prices start at

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Better performance

Compliance is of vital importance of course, but another benefit of our global network is performance.

Regardless of where you configure your site to store your files, your users around the globe can benefit from improved transfer speeds, because they will connect to an acceleration server closer to their location, and that server has a dedicated connection to your storage region wherever it may be.

And, if you have a cluster of users near a particular region, you can configure their end of the folder tree to store their data in that region as well, improving their transfer performance even further.

Smarter compliance

The platform is designed and built to be flexible and easy to manage.

If you have multiple compliance requirements to meet, you can manage them all within a single site.

One group of users can manage files in one part of your folder tree, configured to store in a particular region, while another group manages a separate part of the tree stored in a different region, all through the same convenient interface.

Permissions can maintain a strict separation between the two, and you can take that farther with user-based IP whitelisting to limit the locations from where users can access the files.

Combine that easy setup with some of our advanced features like automatic GPG/PGP folder-level encryption (where you control the encryption keys), add in our special compliance agreements (BAA for HIPAA compliance, DPA for GDPR compliance), and you’ve just made a complicated compliance environment much easier in which to manage your data.

Ready to Get Smart with Smart Cloud Storage from

Our 30-day free trial comes with every feature of and includes unlimited users for the duration of your trial run. You’ll also get unlimited access to our Customer Success team, who will be your sherpas, guiding and supporting you every step of the way. We love helping companies set up workflows and automations while staying ahead of any compliance requirements.