Receive Large Files

Many cloud platforms are focused on sending large files, but an equally important challenge is receiving large files! makes it easy for others to send you files up to 5TB in size, so your users and partners no longer have to worry about batching data or spending needless time compressing your files just to get them uploaded.

We’ve all seen the “Files too large” error. Isn’t it time that your customers and vendors didn’t have to?

Our competitors don’t even come close to supporting files this big!

Receive inbound files
at sizes up to

Beautiful image and video previews

Our web interface makes it easy to preview video and audio content so you can easily see what media has come in without having to fully download it.

This is why customers like Boston Herald use for live image uploading during sports games.

If you work in television, news, film, game development, graphic design, or any other industry that deals with large file types and spread out teams, we have you covered.

Receive files without creating users

We’ve all been there, it’s EOB and you need to get a file from somebody for the first time, possibly the only time, and the files too big for all platforms you attempt to upload it to.

With you have the ability to create a link that gives anyone you would like access to drop off files in your server.

Additionally your partners can upload files via FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and our Desktop application, so no matter how you want to send files, you’re covered.

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