Secure Drop Box for Sensitive Files

Meet your new file Inbox.

Do you find yourself searching through your email trying to find a file someone sent several weeks ago? To compound the problem, you’re not sure if you are looking at the most recent version of the file, or if it is secure sitting in your email inbox.

With’s anonymous Inbox feature, you can safely receive files from anyone, without them having to sign-in to anything.

While offers unlimited users on all plans, you may have customers, contractors, candidates, or other third parties not on your account who need to send you files.

With Inboxes, you can instantly generate a link that provides an anonymous drop box for anyone to send you files.

Best in class security and redundancy

Inboxes does not let the uploaders see any content on your site; all of your files remain secured by our best in class security features and redundancy and backups.

As an extra layer of security, you set expirations on your Inbox links to ensure no files can be uploaded beyond the date you set.

Inboxes are more than a box to drop your files

Inboxes integrates seamlessly with’s automations and workflows.

For example, you can easily setup an email notification to alert you when a new file is uploaded, letting you focus on important tasks instead of switching tabs and hitting refresh every five minutes.

Try your new Inbox

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