Send Large Files allows uploading and sharing files of up to 5TB in size via a variety of methods, including mobile, desktop, apps, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and through custom integrations. This flexibility makes it the go to choice for video and game development professionals along with teams who won't settle for limits. is unique in the industry; we provide our customers the ability to send up to 5 Terabyte files.

If you currently have one platform for large file sending and another for file management, we can help you consolidate into one platform and reduce your costs.'s 5TB upload vs. the competition:


What’s Possible?

Clients of use large file sending for projects ranging from media file distribution to complex game development.

If you were to send your own zipped file it could contain:

10 years
of non-stop music
2.5 months
of non-stop movies
2.5 million
2.5 billion
Word documents

Whether you want to send half of the Library of Congress in one go or simply transfer reports to co-workers, we have you covered.


  • Custom Inboxes allow anyone to securely send your company files even without an account.

  • Share Links allow your company to share files outbound to anyone without them having account and support expiration dates, notes, descriptions, and individual passwords for security.

  • Get notified or automatically take action when files are added, copied, renamed, deleted, and more.

  • Granular Workflow configuration by user, group, and through third-party integrations.


With sharing features there’s no limit on recipients. You can send large files across town or across the world, regardless of format. The possibilities are limitless!

Lightning Fast Speeds

Our state of the art file transfer technology means you’ll spend less time managing transfers.

Our partnership with AWS and proprietary transfer mechanisms along with servers located around the world creates best in class transfer speeds for even the largest files.

Files From Everywhere, All In One Place

  • Link and sync to other cloud providers like OneDrive, Google, Box, Dropbox, Amazon, Rackspace, and others.

  • Or, link and sync with your on-premise or off-premise server via FTP, FTPS, or SFTP.

  • Use’s advanced Collaboration, Automation, and Compliance features without having to move your data from other clouds.

  • Or, use to interface with servers of your customers, vendors, or partners.

Ready for a No-Hassle Trial?

In short… is the ideal choice for sending your large files. Start a trial today and let us show you how we can help you get rid of limits!