Origin Story

The story and our commitment to you.

Our founder, Kevin Bombino, has a core belief about building products and services that stand the test of time: You’d better get the basics perfect before even attempting anything fancy.

In 2009, when working as a freelance developer, Kevin was frustrated that there was no easy way to share files with his clients (and their clients) that supported access control and access logging required by real companies.

Consumer-focused services like Dropbox and WeTransfer were easy, but using them in a company was like a free-for-all. It was too easy to mess up and show the wrong thing to the wrong person, or have the client delete something that they shouldn’t.

And enterprise-focused services with granular permissions and logging existed, but you needed a full time Linux geek on your staff to understand them. Literally the permissions were represented as codes that looked like "-drwxr--r--". (My hope is that at least one or two people get this reference.)

So Kevin launched BrickFTP, the predecessor service to, with a simple premise: a file sharing tool that gets the basics right by emphasizing speed and powerful permission management while still being usable by mere mortals.

Growing Up

You guessed it. Being a file sharing service that just worked was all it took for BrickFTP to start growing. Fast. Before long, Kevin had to start adding staff to keep up.

As the customer list grew, so did the requests for more features, the demand on the network, and the need for more team members. BrickFTP spent the next decade growing to keep up with demand, and evolving to become one of the most trusted go-to cloud services for secure file logistics.

Say Hello to

They say self-knowledge is a great thing (dang, they’re smart!), and after more than ten years of providing secure file storage and transfer service to some of the world’s biggest corporations and institutions, we realized that we were doing much more than moving files via FTP, much more than storing and transferring.

We’re security experts who know how to automate, networking specialists who know how to process, and designers and developers who know how to build seriously useful apps.

We’ve grown significantly since day one when Kevin launched BrickFTP, but one thing has never changed, and never will: your files matter.

That’s why BrickFTP has become

Hello, we’re here to help.