It’s 2009, and our founder, Kevin Bombino, is fresh out of Harvard trying to accomplish a little project work for a Fortune 50 company.

Anyhow, sending and receiving files on the project is a real pain in the you-know-what. Slow and painstaking. And it’s getting in the way of Kevin’s accomplishments.

Dropbox and WeTransfer had recently been launched, but using them in a corporate environment was like trying to build a 747 with a screwdriver. One small mistake and you show the wrong thing to the wrong person, or the client inadvertently deletes something important. And, they choked on big files. You know, the types of files needed for projects of real consequence.

So Kevin, being Kevin, builds a solution. His premise is simple: A smart file logistics platform that gets the basics right by emphasizing speed and powerful permission management while still being usable by mere mortals.

And was born.

That was 10 years ago.

Simply put, we work to make as smart as techies demand, but as simple as laypeople want.

Word got out: “Ridiculously advanced functionality and support from a real smart human being.”

So we set up in Nevada and grew a team obsessed with the relentless pursuit of what we call “Your Files, Your Way.”

Working under the hot desert sun, we began tackling the crazy complexities and the essential safety issues of smart file logistics.

In 110° weather, we geek out on stuff like: Granular permissions, retention timelines, A.I., credential delegation, really great search, sync, share, and 50 other things that really matter - like great design.


Your Files, your way

Fast forward to now… Over 1,700 of the world’s biggest and coolest organizations and start-ups trust us with their digital lifeblood.

We’re ensuring that UPS can track packages across international borders, and helping the Boston Globe publish photos of the most exciting Red Sox moments the moment they happen.

That’s our 10-year story. A lot of releases. Big customers. A ton of growth and change.

But one thing never changed!

Kevin was always generous with his time and attention. He’d spend as long as it took to patiently understand our customers’ needs, and dig into the tech to solve their problems.

Trusted by over 1,700 businesses, including dozens of the World's Largest Companies
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And as we grew, we vowed to continue that level of personal service.

So we hired more Kevins: super smart, USA-based people who take your calls and go all-in on helping you rock your file challenges. (Give us a call right now at 1-800-286-8372. We’ll answer.)

Here’s the thing… We know that supremely well-organized files ignite productivity, increase collaboration, and speed innovation. So we tackle the crazy complexities of smart file logistics so that you can stay focused on making cool stuff happen. That’s our why.

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