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At Files.com, we build technology so businesses can manage file transfer and security at scale. We are private equity backed, profitable, and lead our industry in terms of revenue per employee. This means that each and every team member is able to have a high degree of direct responsibility and impact.

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We are always hiring for all departments. We are a Hybrid-Remote company. Technology, Design, and Customer Success positions are always offered remotely, but Sales and Marketing positions are in-office.


A Culture of Building Things

As a Hybrid-Remote company, we offer many positions as full-time remote (Work From Home), but Sales and Marketing positions are in-office.

“That's the culture here. Everybody builds things.”

- Martyn Garcia, Engineer at Files.com

We are an opinionated group of people, and these are our Core Beliefs

On Hiring
The best way to attract and retain top talent is by being an amazing place to work.

A company is only as good as its people, and the best people can go anywhere. We want as many great people as possible to decide to call Files.com home. Beyond benefits and pay, we invest heavily in the actual experience of working here. Read on to see how we do that.

The best employees have both academic foundations and practical experience.

We want people who understand how things work and why they work the way that they do. And we also want people who have real world work experience, ideally at a company that's even more successful than us. Being able to teach you would be great, but being able to learn from you would be even better.

Recruiting and hiring top talent is the hardest challenge we face.

When it comes to hiring, we are in direct competition with giants like Google, Apple and Facebook. We dedicate a disproportionately high amount of money, time, and resources to the hiring process to give ourselves the best chance of success.

Every team member should participate in the hiring process.

We require a YES from every interviewer that speaks to a candidate, and anyone on any team can be an interviewer. This means that you have direct influence on protecting the caliber of your team.

Everyone should learn at least one programming language.

As a process-driven company that strongly believes in building things, we want everyone at the company to take part in creating automations rather than performing rote tasks.

On Security
The need for cybersecurity is greater now than it ever has been.

Cyberattacks have become more frequent and we expect their frequency to continue increasing in the coming years. Ultimately, we are a security company, because any company that protects data for its client is fundamentally a security company. And we take that responsibility very seriously.

If a service is advertised as secure, it better be very secure.

We hold ourselves to very high standards when it comes to security. We don't just want to pass a SOC audit, we want to do everything possible to protect our customers' data as if it were our own.

Security is everyone's responsibility, even our customers.

We resolve to keep our customers secure against evolving threats, even if it means they might have to do some work on their end to keep up with a changing security landscape.

Security policies, procedures, and controls are important.

We are disgusted by companies that don't take their documentation of controls seriously. We have completed a SOC-2 audit of our security controls and we are re-audited annually.

On Engineering
The best engineers tend to be polyglots with a wide variety of programming language experience.

We don't hire for specific programming language skills, but rather look for engineers who are fluent in several languages. We want our staff to be adaptable and ready to evolve for what's next.

Building great technology products requires a great internal infrastructure.

We have Continuous Integration, a full staging environment, and considerable test coverage. We built our own application deployment system. We self-manage our server environment on Amazon Web Services and custom hardware.

Always use the right tool for the job.

Our core applications are built in Ruby, JavaScript, Java, and Go. We use Rails, React, Chef, Qt, GitLab, Sentry, Maven, AWS, Redis, Elastic Search, and many other exciting open source systems. We don't want to get stuck in the trap of using a language or a tool just because "that's how it's done around here."

Engineers should support what they build.

We expect our teammates to take responsibility for the engineering decisions they make. If there are performance problems in production, nobody should have to chase anyone down. All engineers participate in 24/7 on-call rotation and all engineers speak to customers.

On Product
We believe in building products that we actually use ourselves.

We are our own toughest critics and we put all of our products through their paces every day.

Our products will never be finished.

The pace of change in the world will never slow down. It's our responsibility to continue to evaluate how our products compete in the marketplace and to evolve them to stay up to date.

Talking about features often takes longer than building them in the first place.

We eschew long prioritization meetings, and just go build things as fast as we can.

In many ways, the UX is the product.

A feature is no good if nobody can find it or use it. We commit to having great UX and design that is both beautiful and functional.

On Open Source
We believe in using open source tools and components wherever possible.

We aren't afraid to go under the hood and make changes to the open source packages that we use. And indeed, we maintain an internal patch set to just about every major codebase we leverage.

We believe that open source only works if companies give back.

We encourage our engineers to contribute improvements to the open source projects we use. If one of our staff agrees to speak at a conference, we pick up the tab, and we encourage our people to get out there and talk about what they're up to.

“It's really about being able to work with really smart people on really interesting problems and feeling like you're actually contributing to something big.”

- Gabe Purrenhage, Infrastructure Lead at Files.com

Our employee benefits
at a glance

We want you and your family to live longer, healthier, and happier lives. Providing our employees with top-tier benefits leads to improved productivity, long-term retention, and better decision making, so that's what we do.


High Starting Salaries

As a successful, profitable business that believes in over-investing in our team, we choose to offer industry-leading base salaries for all positions.

Performance-Based Raises

We reward our high performers for one simple reason: they've earned it.

Equity Option Grants

As a private equity-backed business, we expect to have a major exit event within the next 5 years. We have set aside a substantial pool of equity options to grant to our employees so they are able to share in the value created.

401(k) With Generous Employer Match

Most employer-sponsored 401(k) plans crush you with fees. Our plan features extremely low-fee ETFs, ensuring that you actually keep the money that you save for retirement. Plus, we will match your contributions up to 4% of your salary to encourage you to invest for your retirement.

Starting Bonus

New Hires receive a $1,000 starting bonus. No strings attached.

Company-Issued MacBook Pro

You will receive a fully loaded MacBook Pro, reducing time wasted setting up individual rigs.

Legal Assistance

Option to participate in an employee paid legal plan to gain access to a network of attorneys who assist with basic legal needs including wills, trusts, contracts, tickets, and documents.

Employee Assistance Program

We provide a confidential and no cost avenue for you to receive 24/7 assistance with issues regarding behavioral and emotional health, family, legal, financial, wellness or other personal matters. You will have access to a certified clinician who can help you one-on-one or refer you to someone in your area for longer-term help.

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