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Empower your data

with tools for organization, collaboration, and file logistics

Your files, your way.

Whether you’re a hobbyist photographer or a multinational corporation with complex compliance requirements, can propel your productivity:

Manage your files in a web browser, sync with your favorite file manager, or use any of our 10 supported protocols.
Personalize your site with custom colors, logos, domains and even custom CSS and SSL certificates.
Delegate access for your team with granular user management, share any file publicly, or automate sharing with web hosting modes.

Rock-solid foundations.

With automatic encryption & backup, comprehensive logging, and regional storage, your data is safe, secure, and transmitted at blazing-fast speeds.

Built for developers.

Our REST API allows developers to manipulate any aspect of your site, while webhooks and granular configuration settings allow your site to be truly unique.

Unlimited users. Period. will never charge you for adding more users to your account. We want you to feel good sharing files with your entire team without worrying about an added monthly cost.

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