Emphasis on Building Real Relationships

We bring our team together for regular in-person meetings to ensure that you build real relationships that will outlast your time at the company. These meetings are in cities around the US, including Scottsdale, Austin, Orlando, New Orleans, San Diego, Las Vegas, and New York City.

Willingness to follow process and/or contribute to improve process

We are obsessive over process and working as efficiently as possible. It’s more important to us to follow or refine a process than it is to resolve a task. This is part of our secret recipe for scaling and success. Our colleagues have put in considerable effort to build a unique process that works for Files.com. We want people who are able to first understand and follow our process and can ultimately THEN contribute and further improve it!

Coachability and willingness to receive coaching when you don’t agree

Anyone can take coaching when they agree with it! We’ve found that the ability to remain open to coaching is critical, especially in the moments when you may not agree. Being coachable is about realizing your continued success requires being open to learning from others. Those are the moments when we’ve learned that individuals can grow the most! We believe in having strong opinions that are loosely held fosters an environment of healthy disagreement.

Strong Communication Skills

For us to remain as efficient as possible in a largely remote environment, we believe people’s written and verbal communication skills are critical. If someone is unable express their wants and needs, it can become less of a collaborative environment. We want to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.

Tenacity to Ship

The people that excel here are people that push through barriers in order to deliver on their projects. We’ve learned that people feel empowered when they deliver, and while we support everyone, the individuals that are tenacious around delivering - even if it isn’t perfect - grow here the fastest.

Experiment Oriented

We are constantly experimenting to prove or disprove new ways of operating as a team. We welcome mistakes in an attempt to improve the company! Experiments often do not work, but we believe strongly in trying new things so that we learn, and if needed, adjust quickly.

Growth Mindset

We push ourselves to always be learning and improving. We believe that personal development and growth is the cornerstone to building a world class team. We love working with people that embrace challenges, persist in the face of obstacles, work hard, learn from criticism, and find inspiration in both successes and failures!


As a Hybrid-Remote company, we offer many positions as full-time remote (Work From Home), but Sales and Marketing positions are in-office.

"Files is a great place to work if you really love learning. You'll have constant hands-on exposure to new technologies and new features."

Elizabeth Langill, Director of Customer Success at Files.com


We are always hiring for all departments. We are a Hybrid-Remote company. Technology, Design, and Customer Success positions are always offered remotely, but Sales and Marketing positions are in-office.

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Customer Support Engineer

You'll work directly with our customers to support and resolve any issues they are facing with the Files.com platform.


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