Interviewing at

We have put together this page to prepare you for interviewing with by outlining what to expect and providing an easy way to explore our product yourself.

What can you expect?

Complimentary Candidate Account

We encourage you to create a free candidate account by following the directions below:

  • Go to and input [CANDIDATE] plus your name in the Company name field.
  • For example, a candidate named Jen Smith would input "[CANDIDATE] Jen Smith" in the Company name field, but without the quotes.
  • Yes, you should still put your name in the My name field immediately after it.

Not only will familiarizing yourself with our platform help on interviews, it is also meant as an opportunity to determine if you would be interested in working on or supporting the platform.

The rest is up to you

We believe interviews are a two-way decision, and you are welcome to reach out to with questions at any point in the interview process.

We value your time, and will try to keep the entire interview process under 3 weeks.

We encourage you to ask your interviewers questions about the things that matter to you when choosing a career.

After 3-4 interviews, we generally know if you will be a good fit at But, we understand that you may have more questions, and we are happy to schedule additional interviews with other people at the company to help you with your decision.


As a Hybrid-Remote company, we offer many positions as full-time remote (Work From Home), but Sales and Marketing positions are in-office.

"Files is a great place to work if you really love learning. You'll have constant hands-on exposure to new technologies and new features."

Elizabeth Langill, Director of Customer Success at

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