Earn up to $1,000 Per Sale Promoting, the Cloud for Files and Workflows

B2B Cloud is Projected To be a $10 Trillion Market. Claim Your Share With’s Affiliate Program. is a truly broad-market B2B product that works in any funnel that sells to business owners. Every business needs cloud.

Every business needs cloud storage, but (until now) nobody has offered a compelling affiliate program for it. is here to change that!

A Great Value For Your Customers is the cloud storage company that offers huge amounts of storage space for a low monthly fee, starting as low as $50 per month. Dropbox and other cloud storage services have high user minimums that don’t convert as well. Plus, we give our customers the absolute best training and support in the industry.

High Upfront Commissions

We pay $500-$1,000 per sale, depending on your volume. (It doesn’t take much volume to get to the $1,000 tier.) Our investors are happy funding us to spend big affiliate money upfront because we know that our customers love our service and we expect that we’ll be able to retain them a long time.

Tested and Proven, With a Very Low Refund Rate

The 4,000+ customers who love include big names like Marriott, Westinghouse, UPS, Michelin, Homeadvisor, Hershey, Getty, ABC, United Airlines, and more. We’ll treat your customers with the same amount of care as we give the big boys. Our average customer lifetime is over 5 years, and refunds are extremely rare. Put simply: is absolutely safe to put your name behind. We will not let you down if you promote us.

Deep Integration With Your Course

Perfect for anyone creating training courses, our content team will work with you to develop bonus modules for your course that provide training on in the context of your course or systems. For example, if you are teaching a project management course, our team can make video content that shows how to follow your system using for cloud storage and collaboration

We Pay Immediately, Every Time

Payments go out through PayPal, ACH, or mailed check every single week. If you mail or run a webinar this week, you’ll get paid this week for every qualified sale, period

VIP-Level Access’s founder Kevin is available to affiliates for things like exclusive interviews, guest posts, and live events. If you have an audience interested in improving productivity, moving into the cloud, data security, or anything else related to, Kevin can give you amazing content, with or without a pitch at the end of the presentation.


You’ll also get access to promote exclusive Affiliate-only webinars that are awesome at closing sales. Webinars with our sales team include actionable educational content that will leave your list begging for more, and convert as high as 40%, with EPCs well over $10.

We Work To Convert Your Leads

We constantly tweak and split-test our sales funnel (pricing, trial terms, etc.) so you get the highest conversion rate possible. Plus, our full time salespeople who will follow up with every lead for the best chance of conversion. Our goal is to maximize your earnings per click.

Accessible Price Point is priced as low as $50/month. (And with the right volume we are still able to accommodate $1,000 affiliate payouts, even if your leads tend to generate mostly small customers.)

Affiliate-Friendly Tracking

We do not scrub your leads, and we provide full click and conversion tracking through the affiliate dashboard. If you have a custom pixel that you’d like to place on our conversion page, just let us know and we’ll get it placed for you.

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Channel partners, VARs, MSPs, and IT consultants may prefer considering our Channel Partner and Reseller Program, as it provides a higher level of integration within your operations.

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