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It's been an eventful day here at BrickFTP headquarters. I have one other security-related update to share with you.

Yesterday afternoon, a company called Cloudflare announced a serious security vulnerability involving their systems. If you haven't yet, I encourage you read to the post they wrote about the issue.

Cloudflare is a major provider of Internet cloud services and as much as 10% of all Internet traffic is routed through their network. If you are a customer of any company who uses Cloudflare, you should rightfully be concerned about the safety of your data.

Currently there is a list circulating around the Internet listing all of Cloudflare's customers, and we are starting to get contacted about whether our use of Cloudflare represents a security breach of BrickFTP.

I want to set the record straight.

BrickFTP is a Cloudflare customer, however our use of Cloudflare is limited to our marketing website located at https://brickftp.com/ (i.e. webpages from us with no subdomain visible in the URL).

Our actual BrickFTP application is hosted at app.brickftp.com and separate subdomains for each of our clients. (Such as yourcompany.brickftp.com.) We do not use Cloudflare for any part of the actual BrickFTP application, and you can confirm this by running a DNS lookup of your company subdomain on BrickFTP. No requests whatsoever for the actual BrickFTP application pass through Cloudflare.

Therefore, we can safely state that the Cloudflare breach did not affect any BrickFTP customers.

One minor exception is anyone who signed up for a new Free Trial of BrickFTP during the period of time that the Cloudflare breach occurred. (February 13-18.) For those customers, it's possible that your email address and password was leaked, due to the fact that our initial free trial signup popup window is hosted on our marketing site, which uses Cloudflare. Out of an abundance of caution, we will reach out to users who signed up during those dates and encourage them to change their password or create a new trial account.

If this is the first you are hearing of this incident with Cloudflare, you may want to check with your other vendors to see whether they may have been affected. Like I said above, a lot of companies use Cloudflare. A partial list of affected domains is available here.

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