Opiniion Uses Files.com to Increase Reviews for Retail Client by 145%

A B2B customer sought out a scalable solution to store customer data for each of its clients. The storage platform needed to have protocols in place that would allow clients to keep their data safeguarded with fully customized security settings. Data stored in the clients’ customer relationship management systems needed to be compatible with the chosen file storage solution.

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The data also needed to be parsed using an encrypted method that would ensure clients’ sensitive customer information would be safeguarded against a breach and could not be accessed by unauthorized parties.

By choosing Files.com as its encrypted file storage solution, Opiniion was able to offer its clients a highly secure, organized method for capturing customer data in real time.

This data is used to generate service reviews that help bolster the reputation of clients’ businesses and increase their search engine rankings.

One example that illustrates the success of Opiniion’s Files.com integration is through its client, Grease Monkey. The automotive service store chain saw a 145% increase in customer reviews after Opiniion integrated with Files.com. Opiniion found a solution that was cohesive to its distinct offerings and helped boost its clients’ positive online reviews.

So far Files.com has been amazing. It has effortlessly solved a massive problem for us within days of implementing, and it has the potential to have an even larger role as time goes on.

- Morgan Dailey, Co-Founder & VP of Customer Experience, Opiniion Intro Opiniion


Opiniion creates an optimized platform that allows businesses to seamlessly gather customer reviews on an automated basis. The startup became fully funded in February 2018 and has found success helping businesses easily send requests to their customers, asking them to leave reviews on platforms such as Google, Facebook and Yelp.

Opiniion allows businesses to gain real feedback from real customers with an emphasis on negative feedback mediation. Opiniion integrates with hundreds of different CRMs, so creating a flawless system for their clients to automatically collect real-time customer feedback is crucial to its business model.

Grease Monkey is one of Opiniion’s clients. The independent franchise serves more than 2 million customers per year with automotive oil change centers spread across the globe. Because Grease Monkey works with customers face-to-face to perform oil changes, maintenance and other various car-care tasks, feedback and word-of-mouth are vital to transmitting praise about its service in an effort to increase its customer base.


Opiniion was in search of a solution that allowed its clients to integrate customer review requests with their chosen customer relationship management platform or point-of-sale system. Clients like Grease Monkey needed to be able to access customer data in real time to send review requests, and many companies Opiniion served specifically requested a secure, encrypted FTP system to store and access such data. The data needed to be parsed and organized into specific folders with customized security and access settings.

Because Opiniion’s business model revolves around streamlined automation, the team was in search of a way to hasten the process of collecting customer data for its clients to send reviews. They sought out an efficient solution that could connect their platform with a secure file transfer protocol at the request of certain clients — particularly those in the healthcare industry who needed a data storage solution that is HIPAA compliant.

In the instance of Opiniion’s customer Grease Monkey, the auto service franchise wanted to increase the amount of customer reviews it received (i.e. positive reviews), and Opiniion needed to be able to offer this in a secure, automated manner where all work was done behind the scenes.

These stores are seeing more new customers than ever before now that their reviews are better than their competitors’ in their areas.

- Alex Bennett, VP of Sales, Opiniion

How Files.com helped

After receiving suggestions from clients about integrating with a modern FTP platform for secure data storage, Opiniion came across Files.com while reviewing Zapier integrations. According to Opiniion Co-Founder Morgan Dailey, the integration with Files.com completely solved their problem related to parsing customer data for clients and keeping it stored securely and in an organized fashion.

With the integration, Opiniion was able to create a designated folder for each of its clients and customize the folders with different security options. In the instance of Grease Monkey, choosing a modern FTP service facilitated splitting customer data in real time, as the client was using an outdated CRM system that could not parse such data. The FTP integration has helped Opiniion ease the process of setting up automation for clients to request customer reviews, which has been a big differentiator between them and competitors.

Because Opiniion’s client base includes healthcare professionals that are required to meet HIPAA requirements, the integration with Files.com also allows Opiniion to market that they use a compliant, encrypted FTP to store and transfer customer data.

No more problems related to parsing customer data
Zapier upgrade eased process of setting up automation
Client is officially HIPAA compliant with encrypted FTP


GreaseMonkey, one of Opiniion’s largest clients, increased customer reviews for 21 stores (in Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Virginia and New Mexico) by a cumulative total of 145% in just under two months after Opiniion integrated with Files.com.

GreaseMonkey’s beginning customer review total was 1,197 and jumped to 2,844 after the integration.

A spike of 1,647 reviews in 1.8 months.

Opiniion itself now has 20 clients utilizing the Files.com integration and is on track to grow to 1,000 customers. Using Files.com to help sort customer data for reviews is helping the startup become fully scalable. This will then aid in growing the amount of positive customer reviews each of Opiniion’s clients receive.

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