Performing Actions on New Files supports lots of different integration patterns for taking action when new files arrive on your site. You can choose the best option from below based on your scenario:

  • E-mail Notifications set at the folder level that alert selected users and groups that a file was uploaded
  • Webhooks configured in your folders to trigger your backend processes when files arrive (or can be triggered by other file operations)
  • Automations built into that allow you to automatically copy an arriving file to another folder (which in turn may perform additional automated actions)
  • Amazon SNS topics set at the folder level that allow you granular control of messages distributed to people and apps triggered by file uploads as well as other file operations

Sample Use Cases for Actions on New FIles

The best method for pulling/downloading an arriving file will dependent on your process processing needs. Below are some examples of the scenarios and the approach.

When a file needs to be accessed and viewed by a person, the email notifier alerting a person to log in and download the file manually would facilitate that.

If critical timing is measured in seconds rather than minutes for your manual operation, use an SNS topic to trigger Amazon SMS to send a text message to your user announcing the arrival of the file.

To automate the process, use a webhook to trigger your backend process that leverages our API to download the arriving file immediately.

If your process needs to do multiple things at once, for instance alert someone that a file has arrived, take an archived copy of the file for safe keeping, and push a copy of the file immediately to your S3 bucket, then you can combine the folder behaviors and integrations built-in to to accomplish that, no coding necessary.

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