Custom Desktop App Branding

Now you can have your logo on every one of your users' desktops! Our Premier plan includes the ability to give the desktop app your own custom look.

The entire app, including the installer, mounted disk, context menu, menu bar (Mac) / system tray (Windows), and app icon use your graphics, giving your users a fully-integrated, branded experience.

To get started, contact our Customer Success team by submitting a support request, attaching your graphics (described below) to the ticket.

Graphic Requirements

Please download this photoshop template, which includes the background for the disk icon. Then prepare the following assets:

banner.bmp493×58 - bitmapUsed for the header of the Windows installer. Please use a white background.
welcome.bmp163×314 - bitmapUsed as the sidebar of the Windows installer's first step (not shown with banner.bmp). Please use a white background.
application@2x.png1024x1024 - 24-bit PNGUsed for the Mac app icon. Supports transparency.
statusbar@2x.png32x32 - 24-bit PNGUsed as the Mac menu bar icon. Please use white.
ConnectionProfile-DiskIcon-128px.tif128x128 - TIFFUsed as the "disk" icon for mounted drives.
ConnectionProfile-DiskIcon-64px.tif64x64 - TIFFAlso used as the "disk" icon for mounted drives.

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