Removing Your Custom Domain

Your site's custom domain affects nearly all of the ways that users will connect to your site, whether through the web interface, WebDAV, API, or FTPS. Because of that, removing your custom domain can be a disruptive event. We recommend ensuring that your users are connecting using only your custom subdomain address prior to removing the custom domain.

Before Removing Your Custom Domain

If you have enabled a custom domain and you are using a single-sign on provider, you must first disable your SSO integration before you can remove the custom domain. This means you must edit every username associated with an SSO provider to change the authentication method first.

Removing your custom domain will affect your globally unique usernames configuration. You will no longer be able to use usernames that have already been used anywhere across all sites. If you attempt to remove your custom domain while you have any usernames that are not globally unique to, then you will be prohibited from removing the custom domain and informed of which usernames need to be renamed or removed prior to attempting this.

Effects Of Removing Your Custom Domain

When you remove your existing custom domain, it immediately cannot be used to connect to your site by any method. If you are connected to using your custom domain when the custom domain is removed, your connection will no longer be valid and you will need to re-connect to using the custom subdomain address.

Dedicated IP Addresses

Any dedicated IP addresses will be released after 5 days and will no longer function. If you add new custom domain settings and the proper DNS configuration to support your custom domain within those 5 days, your dedicated IP addresses will not change.

Users with Yubikey / U2F / FIDO Authentication

These types of two-factor authentication are tied specifically to the login domain of your site. If you remove your site's custom domain settings, every user with this type of 2FA enabled will need to remove their existing 2FA settings and re-configure them. This is baked into the U2F / FIDO standards requirement for devices to generate site-specific public/private key pairs, which follows.

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