Collect information from web visitors to your Inboxes and Share Links using Custom Forms. Administrators create and maintain custom forms, which are then available in the settings for Inboxes and Share Links.

Creating a New Form

Site admins can create a new custom form in the Web UI by going to Sharing > Custom Forms and clicking the New Custom Form button.

The Form title only displays internally to help you select the correct form when applying it to a Share Link.

Hover over the Standard registration fields and click the Edit button to choose which fields to keep.

To add a new field to your custom form, click the Add Field button. Enter a Label, which displays above the field indicating what information the user should enter (e.g., "Phone", "Title", etc.).

The Description displays as the help text when a visitor hovers over the question mark next to the Label.

Select the Type, which can be "Short Answer" (one line of text), "Paragraph" (multiple lines of text), "Multiple Choice" (radio buttons allowing user to select one), or "Dropdown" (select list allowing user to select one).

The "Multiple Choice" and "Dropdown" options give you the ability to enter the options the user can select from.

Once a custom form is created, you can apply it to an Inbox from Sharing > Inboxes by editing your Inbox (or creating a new one) and selecting it in the Custom form setting.

To use a custom form with a Share Link, go to Sharing > [select the Share Link you want to edit] and scroll to the Custom form section. Click the Edit button, select the form you want to use for this Share Link and click Save.

Listing Registrations via Web Interface

In the Web Interface, users are able to view registrations in a table format. This format includes all fields that are used in the standard registration forms or your specific custom form.

You can view the registrations for an Inbox by navigating to Sharing from the left pane, and clicking Inboxes in the center pane.

If the inbox you've created requires registrations, you'll see a Registrations tab. Click that tab to view the submitted registrations in a table format.

Exporting Registration Information via Web Interface

At this time, does not support the ability to export Form Registration Information via the Web Interface.

However, this information is accessible via API call.

You can find documentation for this method on our API and Developer Documentation website.

Exporting Registration Information via CLI/API

Form Registration Information can be listed and exported via API method as mentioned above. We can use an InboxRegistration Object using the Command Line Interface (CLI) App with a "List" command to achieve this.

You might find it helpful to export this information in CSV format and save that output to a file. Here's how to do that using the CLI:

files-cli inbox-registrations list --api-key YOUR_API_KEY --format csv > inbox.csv

Learn more about our API and SDKs on our API and Developer Documentation website.

Form Data Visibility

Please note that data entered into a custom form is visible to your administrators and to any users that have access to the associated Inbox folder of the custom form.

For custom forms used with an Inbox folder, the form data will be used in the folder names of the subfolders used to segregate registered users. For example, if your form prompts users for their First Name and Age then the Inbox folder will contain subfolders for each registrant named <entered First Name>-<entered Age>, such as "Alice-28", "Bill-33", and "Charlie-42". The names of these subfolders, containing the submitted form data, will be visible to administrators and to any users that have permission to access that Inbox folder.

For custom forms used with Share Links, the entered form data can be viewed by administrators within the Sharing > Share Links > Manage Share Links > selected URL Key > Registrations log.

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