Folder Settings Within Remote Server Mount

Most folder settings available in work with Remote Server Mounts, with the exception of Remote Mounts, File Expiration, and GPG encryption/decryption.

Remote Mounts cannot be created within other Remote Mounts.

We are aware that File Expiration and GPG encryption/decryption would make great features to support on Remote Mounts and we have internal feature requests filed to support both of them in the future.

The behavior of Webhooks, Automations, and Action/History Logging may also be a bit surprising on Mounts. We only log actions and history for file operations performed via This is because we otherwise have no visibility into how, when, or by whom any files are modified on the Remote Server.

Since Webhooks are fired based on Action logging, they will not be fired when a file is changed on the remote server without going through The same limitation also applies to Automations triggered by actions.

If you require Webhooks or Automations to be triggered on new files, we recommend you consider a Remote Server Sync instead of a Remote Server Mount.

All of the other folder settings, like Share Links, Inboxes, etc. will all work fine with Remote Server Mounts.

Deleting a folder that has folder settings configured for it will also delete its folder settings.

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