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Sometimes it's the simplest things that can create the most value.

For instance, Email Notifiers.

You and your staff have files arriving to your Files.com site. The people sending those files want you to do something with them, probably something important. The sooner you and your staff know those files have arrived, the better.

That's why we've baked email notifications right into the platform.

Email notifications are some of the easiest folder behaviors to set up, and one of our most popular, let's set one up right now and see how it works.

We'll start by creating a new folder. We'll call this inbound important files. So, now we've got our folder, and this is where the files are going to arrive from our various users. To create the email notifier, we're going to add a folder setting. You'll find email notifications right here, just a few settings down. [folder settings interface - see video] Click this to open and then click Add new notification.

Now you can choose the user or group that you want to receive notifications right from this menu. Let's scroll down until we find the user that we want to receive this notifier. We'll choose administrator2196 to receive this notification. This is who I'm currently logged in as, so I want these notifications to go to me.

Now let's decide if we want to notify on newly uploaded files only, or on files that arrive in this folder from any source. That could be uploads, moves, or copies. For now we're going to say only newly arriving files. How about the frequency at which we want to be notified? We can choose every five minutes or a digest that is delivered on a longer time interval. Let's go with every five minutes; we want to know as soon as possible.

And, do we want to be notified when we ourselves are the user to upload the files? No, let's exclude those. We know when we upload files right? So, we're going to say exclude those when they're uploaded from our user. And do we need to limit notifications to just this folder, not any subfolders? I would say no, we're going to allow uploads that occur in sub folders to notify as well.

So here's our notification, we save that. So that's done.

Now, let's go ahead and add a subfolder here. We'll just call this inside folder, just so we've got more than one place to upload files.

Now that we've got this notifier in place, let's see what happens.

Over here we have a different user. This one is called jontesting, a different user logged in via SFTP.

Let's do a refresh to see the folder we've added. Here we see inbound important files. Jontesting is a user that has permission to upload to this folder, so let's go ahead and upload some files to this folder using our SFTP connection, and while we're at it, why don't we upload some more to our inside folder.

Now that we've got these files here, let's go see when we get our notifier.

Here's our email. Let's have a look.

Now, here's a list of the new files that are uploaded. It shows us the complete path, so you can see we've got two inbound important files, which is this main folder here, and you can also see inside folder, which is this folder here. So, these are all the files. The notifier tells you when they were uploaded, how large they are, and who is the user who uploaded those files.

So there you have it; email notifiers are super easy to set up. You'll find them in your folder settings for any folder. Email notifiers are very useful and have become one of our most popular features.

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us or give us a call at 1-800-286-8372.

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