5 Reasons Your Company Should Try Remote Workers

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The traditional work day beginning with a tedious commute is quickly becoming a thing of the past. A recent study shows that as many as 45% of the the US workforce holds jobs that could be done remotely at least part-time. What's holding your company back from taking the leap?

Here are five great reasons to introduce working remotely to your company.

1. Companies Save Money

Offices cost money. Its simple, real estate can be a massive cash sink for many businesses and having employees work from home frees up that capital. No more internet bills, snack machines and office equipment to pay for!

2. Get A-Level Talent, No Matter Where They Are

The best talent may not live in your city or even your state. If you want to build the best team possible you can't restrict yourself to one geographic region. A-level talent is spread across the country and allowing your employees to work remotely opens you up to the largest talent-pools.

3. Productivity Increases

Without seeing their workers in their seats some managers worry they'll take to slacking off. However, according to another study a pilot program by IBM showed that teleworking employees could be up to 50% more productive.

4. Employee Satisfaction

Almost 80% of employees say that they would like to work from home, at least part time. (Source). Working from home gives employees more time with their families and their hobbies. New York Time's columnist David Brooks says, "the daily activity most injurious to happiness is commuting." Relieving that burden from employees is a huge gain for employee morale and job satisfaction.

5. Less Absenteeism

Almost 80% of employees who call in sick aren't actually sick. They're really experiencing family issues, personal needs and stress. (Source) Unplanned absenteeism can be a large cost to a business, and remote workers routinely continue to work even when sick. Better yet, home-based workers report experiencing less stress, a trigger of many diseases!

There are a lot of great reasons for your business to pilot a work at home program. As large companies from varied industries including UnitedHealth Group, Apple and even AT&T get on board with work at home, now is the perfect time to explore your options! There are more tools and services available to facilitate remote teams than ever. What's your reason for waiting?

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