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To better serve BrickFTP users, we have amended our Terms of Service to provide clarity and further definition to our policies. As a loyal customer, we want to notify you of these changes that have gone into effect.

Our updated Terms of Service document is available to view in full at brickftp.com/terms.

Key highlights include:

  • Usage calculation. We have simplified our usage calculation and detailed billing information for each Usage Period. You may review your current Usage in the Settings tab within BrickFTP. See section 4 of our Terms of Service page for further explanation of how we calculate Usage.
  • Auto-renewal policies. We have further clarified when accounts will be billed for customers on monthly and annual terms. Customers paying monthly will be automatically charged every 30 days. Customers who pay annually will receive an invoice for their annual fee every 360 days. All charges will begin the first day of paid service. Please see section 3 for more details.
  • DMCA. We have provided further explanation in our intellectual property section, including adding a link to our Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) policy. Review section 9 for further details for further details.

Files.com’s full DMCA policy and a form to submit a notice of any alleged copyright infringement can be found at brickftp.com/dmca.

These updates help us continue to improve BrickFTP and make it easier for you to use the service. We encourage you to review each section of the table of contents on our Terms of Service page at your convenience. If you have any questions or seek further clarification, please contact us.

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