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Power Up Your Collaboration With New Files.com Folder Settings!

Folders and folder tree design are the bedrock of the most successful collaborations and the most ingenious workflows. As your folder tree evolves, it becomes your organization's campus in the cloud, offering your team everything from way-finding, access and convenience, security, process and procedure, collaboration, to warehousing, automation, and compliance.

Your site might have just a few folders, or you might have thousands, multiple levels deep.

Whatever your particular use case calls for, we want to make sure that every folder you create delivers as much value and power as possible.

Below read about the latest folder settings we've added in our ongoing mission to make Files.com folders one of the most versatile and powerful tools in your business toolkit.

Limit Allowed File Extensions

Site administrators are already familiar with the site-wide file extension white list setting. Now you can take it to the folder level.

Each folder has a job to do, and in your complex business, they are not all the same job and often require different file types.

If receiving the wrong file type doesn't help your process, you can put a stop to that by designating which file extensions are allowed for any folder.

Follow the easy steps in our documentation center to configure your folder for allowed file extensions.

You can add more than one, so add as many as you need for that folder. As soon you add the first one, users may only upload files ending in an extension included in the list for that folder.

Require Filenames To Match Regular Expression

Regular Expressions, or Regex, offer the ultimate in file naming flexibility. You can design and enforce the most precise file naming conventions.

For example: if you need to make sure that every file uploaded to a certain folder is named with a valid customer number at the beginning, you can do that with this setting.

Let's say your customer numbers look like this:


And you expect uploaded files to be named like:






This regex: ^cn-\d{5}-\d{5}

would enforce that naming convention.

We've made this super easy to do. Follow the steps here.

Append Timestamps to Filenames

This setting is useful when you need to alter the names of inbound files.

For example, let's say one of your automated processes puts log files into one of your folders, but the log roller only knows how to name the files as:


It does you no good to overwrite the existing file and lose your historical data.

Follow the simple steps here to correct that.

Now your files can accumulate!





Copy Folder Structure

You've spent the last three months perfecting the folder tree for your department. It's deep, complex, and everyone says it's working perfectly.

Now all of the other department heads want to use the exact same structure. You've agreed to help them out, but do you really want to manually create five hundred and eighty-three folders nine levels deep? No! And you can't just drag the parent folder over; then all six thousand files would go with it.

The simple solution is to let your Files.com site do the work. You can copy your folder structure to different locations in your folder tree, leaving your files untouched where they are.

Follow the steps here to make that happen!

Automatically Create New User Folders

On-boarding new team members means giving them their own space in your campus in the cloud.

Automate that!

This setting takes some of the busy work of folder creation off of your plate and makes sure that the permissions are correct each time a user is added.

You've just saved yourself a lot of work!

Questions? Need help?

We love to talk through use cases and work flows. Please let us know how we can help you get more from your Files.com folders. We're here and glad to assist you. Please contact us by email, chat (in your web interface when logged in), or phone (1-800-286-8372 ext. 2).

Questions? Need help?

Please let us know how we can assist you. We’re here and glad to help. Please contact us by email, chat (in your web interface when logged in), or phone (1-800-286-8372 ext. 2).

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