Files.com Announces Acquisition of ExaVault

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I am happy to officially announce that Files.com has acquired ExaVault, a cloud file transfer vendor for SMB and mid-market businesses, instantly creating the largest cloud-native SaaS file transfer and automation platform, with over 4,000 active business-to-business (B2B) customers in the combined business.

The acquisition of ExaVault is about solidifying our position as the leader in SaaS file transfer market. In this industry, scale matters. As a combined company, we will be able to serve our customers, and the market, better than ever before.

As we’ve grown, we’ve found that our customers are exchanging files with each other more than ever before. We will be investing heavily in new workflow tools in 2022 to offer enhanced logging and operational intelligence when exchanging files with another Files.com customer.

That’s one reason we are so excited to integrate the ExaVault platform. Once integrated, any of our combined platform’s 4,000+ customers will be able to directly exchange files with each other as part of an automated, secure on-platform workflow.

We are committed to having the integration occur without disruption to the existing workflows and processes of Files and ExaVault customers. This means we’re investing major R&D effort into the integration. We expect the first connections to occur within the next month, and full integration to be achieved by early-mid 2023.

This acquisition increases the Files.com workforce to 60 full time employees as of today, and we plan to expand to 110 over the course of 2022. The growth is primarily concentrated in R&D, but will also include dozens of new customer success, support, and account management staff to ensure the success of this integration.

“We are excited to join an industry leader like Files.com, who has a proven reputation of supporting customers through powerful solutions and exceptional service. Files.com’s mission and approach mirror how we think and operate” said ExaVault CEO David Ordal. “Together, we will provide more value-driven innovation to customers through our greater combination of world-class tools, expertise, and experience.” David will continue to play an essential role in product development, serving as Files.com’s new Chief Technology Officer.

We will continue to look for acquisition opportunities that can be fully integrated, so that both the existing and incoming customers can benefit. This will allow us to add complementary capabilities while sticking to the modern cloud SaaS model that we’ve embraced. This ensures that any acquisition in the future is done through the lens of providing a value-add experience to end-users.

Becoming the preferred cloud-native SaaS file integration and automation platform didn’t happen overnight. Files.com was built by talented people pursuing a singular vision: providing the best file-based transfer, integration, and automation platform on the market.

As long as we keep that focus, the possibilities for Files.com are endless.

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