Automation Triggers

There are several types of triggers defined in order to trigger the Automations. For Automations, once you have selected the Automation Type, you will have an option to define what action will trigger the Automation. Here are the specific list of trigger options to choose from and when to use them:

IntervalTriggers the automation to run at midnight UTC based on the specified interval (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly). When end of every week is selected, the automation will repeat every Saturday between midnight UTC and Sunday morning UTC. When end of Month, or Quarterly or Yearly is selected, the automation will repeat at the end of that interval UTC time.
Custom ScheduleTriggers the automation to run at a user-specified time and time zone on any day(s) of the week. You can add multiple intervals for the same automation to run at different times on the same day.
File ActionTriggers the automation to run when a file is created, read (or downloaded), updated, moved or copied into the selected source folder. File actions trigger is available with Move, Copy and Delete file automations.
Inbound WebhookTriggers the automation to run when a request is received from another app via a webhook.

Future enhancements will allow Automations to be triggered by an incoming email, or by other services. Please feel free to contact us with any enhancement requests for this feature.

Immediate Trigger with "Run Now" Option

The "Run now" option serves as an immediate trigger for enabled automations, allowing Site Administrators or Folder Administrators to test or execute these automations on the spot. This feature provides instant results, making it easier to verify and adjust the automation processes as needed without waiting for scheduled triggers.

Triggering Actions on New Files offers a variety of integration patterns to trigger actions when new files arrive on your site. For more information, please refer to the Performing Actions on New Files page.

Triggering Automations on Remote Servers does not poll remote servers used in our Remote Server Mount feature for the purpose of firing Realtime and File Action-based triggers. Consider using our Remote Server Sync capability for realtime interoperability between Automations and Remote Servers.

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