Managing Automations

Managing automations is straightforward with several available options. Site Administrators or Folder Administrators can modify, enable/disable, clone, rename, or delete the automations.

Modifying an Automation

You can modify automations to adjust the automation triggers, actions, file or folder name matching patterns, customizations, and folder paths directly from the Automations home page or details page.

Enable or Disable an Automation

Enabling or disabling automations is straightforward from the Status column or details page, allowing you to pause and resume them as needed. Once disabled, all future runs of the automation will stop immediately, regardless of triggers or actions, but you can always re-enable it later.

Clone an Existing Automation

Cloning automations helps you to duplicate and customize them for various sources, destinations, or triggers, providing flexibility in adapting processes to different scenarios or requirements. Cloned automations are in a disabled state by default.

Using Run Now for Instant Execution

For immediate testing or execution, the Run now option is available for enabled automations, providing instant results.

Deleting an Automation

Deleting automations is also simple, though note that once deleted, they cannot be restored and all future runs will be stopped.

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