Downloading Files and Folders

The CLI App can be used to download files and folders from your site. Downloads can be made from any folder, including those located within Remote Server Mounts.

Downloading Files and Folders

To download a file, use the command:

files-cli download /remote/path/to/file.txt /local/path/to/file.txt


files-cli download /remote/path/to/file.txt /local/path/to/folder/

To download a folder, use the command:

files-cli download /remote/path/to/folder/ /local/path/to/folder/

Limiting File Chunking

The download operation will attempt to download each file as quickly as possible by breaking the file into multiple pieces, or chunks, and transferring those chunks in parallel.

Although chunking speeds up file transfers, some remote systems are unable to support this capability, causing failed or partial transfers.

If you have problems downloading files from a folder which is stored on a Remote Server Mount, you can disable file chunking by using the --download-files-as-single-stream flag.

files-cli download /remote/path/to/folder/ /local/path/to/folder/ --download-files-as-single-stream

The --download-files-as-single-stream flag will cause the download to be slower but more resilient for downloads from a Remote Server Mount folder.

Viewing Connection Information

You can see the connection information, showing the number of open data connections, the number of open API connections, and the network throughput, by using the --connection-metrics flag.

files-cli download /remote/path/to/folder/ /local/path/to/folder/ --connection-metrics

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