Managing Snapshots

Snapshots provide site administrators a way to create convenient backups of data from any portion of their site.

Create a Snapshot

Snapshots can accept multiple paths, so you can repeat the paths flag for each path after the first. Specifying a folder for the path will include the contents of the folder.

files-cli snapshots create --paths="path1" --expires_at="2023-11-02T11:59:00-04:00"  --name="reason for snapshot"

Update a Snapshot

To add more paths to a snapshot after it has been created, but before it has been finalized, you can use the --paths flag when updating the snapshot. You don't need to repeat any paths that were already added to the snapshot.

files-cli snapshots update --id=23452 --name="new name" --paths="another/path" 

Finalize a Snapshot

Finalizing a snapshot will make the contents of the snapshot read-only, so you can no longer add new paths or remove items from the snapshot's directory.

files-cli snapshots finalize --id=23452

Delete a Snapshot

Deleting a snapshot will immediately remove the files stored in the snapshot. You cannot un-delete a deleted snapshot.

files-cli snapshots delete --id=23452

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