Configuring Your Custom Domain

There are 3 major pieces that must be set up to correctly configure a custom domain for your site.

Once you have decided upon the address you will use for your custom domain, you will need to set up a DNS CNAME record for your custom address. This CNAME record is used to resolve your custom address to the platform.

The TLS/SSL Certificate associated with your site is served by the platform to secure the connection, whether by web, API, FTPS, or WebDAV. You can either use a certificate - which is strongly recommended - or provide your own custom certificate. Allowing to manage your SSL certificate alleviates the effort of obtaining your certificate or keeping it up-to-date.

You will need to configure the site-wide setting for Custom Domain in your site in order to activate the custom domain features, such as dedicated IP addresses.

Selecting A Custom Domain Name

You can use any subdomain of any domain that you control as your custom domain. We recommend not using "ftp" as the first part of your domain (such as ftp.<your-domain>), since this will cause some browsers to improperly access the web interface. Instead, we suggest using something like files.<your-domain>. For instance, if you control the domain, your might use the custom name

If you're going to make use of multiple custom domains, only one of those domains will be your primary domain.

Custom Domain and SSO

Adding or modifying a custom domain to your site does not impact your Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations. No changes are required on your IdP side unless you've entered a value for the optional Relay Status URL field, which should be updated to match your new custom domain.

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