Custom Domain Region

The geographic region of your Custom Domain, and its associated Dedicated IPs, are determined by the region specified as the Geographic region on servers of the top-level folder of your site.

When using a custom domain, if you change the primary region where files are hosted on your site, the region of your Custom Domain will also change and we will issue you new IP addresses in the new region and release your old IP addresses.

Performance Implications

Implementing a Custom Domain, along with the associated Dedicated IPs, can have performance implications on the transmission speed of international file transfers. provides global acceleration features to minimize the network distance between users and regional storage. These features are circumvented when a Custom Domain is implemented in a different region than your storage region, meaning that file transfer durations will take longer than usual.

To maintain performance, we strongly recommend that your Custom Domain is implemented in the same region as your storage.

For global customers, note that all global users will be routed through the region of your Custom Domain and its Dedicated IPs. For example, if your Custom Domain is in Europe then all file transfers will be routed through Europe on their way to their final destination. This also applies to transfers to your Regional Storage. For example, if your Custom Domain is in Europe, and you have a folder that is stored in Singapore, then all file transfers to the Singapore folder will travel through Europe, even if they originate from Singapore itself.

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